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Temple Fork Outfitters

Fly Rod & Reel Carry Case

Fly Rod and Reel Carry Case with rigid construction for added protection of gear. 

ATOLL Fly Reel
TFO Atoll Fly Reel

Super Large Arbor saltwater fly reels. Available in 7/8wt to 13/14wt.


These are extremely light weight, durable, thoughtfully designed fly rods with superb performance. Best defined simply as totally efficient delivery tools.

TFO Axiom II Fly Rods

 A2 rods are smooth and efficient casting tools.

TFO Bluewater SG Fly Rods

If you’re chasing brutes like billfish, tuna, trevally, and sharks these are the sticks you want to have in your arsenal. 

TFO Bug Launcher Rod & Reel Kits
TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rod & Reel Kit

These kits are a great beginner's outfit, including a reel, line, leader, backing and sock in a rod and reel carrying case. 

TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rods
TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rods (Kids)

Bug Launchers include thinner diameter compressed cork grips for a better fit in smaller hands.

TFO BVK Fly Rods
TFO BVK Fly Rods

The BVK fly series offers affordable, high performance rods with fast actions designed to excel in presentation and distance. 

TFO BVK Spey Rods

Think light and responsive, ideal for touch-and-go casts and those throwing longer heads and lines.

TFO BVK reels
TFO BVK Super Large Arbor Fly Reels

Winner of ICAST 2011 Best New Fly product! Available in 5 sizes, precision machined from bar stock aluminum, equally at home in fresh and salt water. 

TFO Caps

TFO King Camo Cap

TFO Clouser Fly Rods
TFO Clouser Fly Rods

The new Clouser series fly rods are lighter, stronger and faster…Oh, and they’re now nine-foot in length. Available in 5wt to 10wt.

TFO Finesse Trout Fly Rods

Offering a more 'traditional' taper and action for those who fish small flies and fine tippets on light lines. 

TFO Fly Rod & Reel Travel Case

TFO has designed a new version of a travelling case that incorporates some innovative features providing added protection and customisation.

TFO Fly Rod Performance Matrix

Use the fly rod performance matrix to help select the rod most suitable for the kind of fishing you are doing.


 Medium Fast Freshwater/Saltwater

TFO Lefty Kreh Professional Fly Rods
TFO Lefty Kreh Professional Fly Rods

These medium fast and progressive action rods are smooth casting and offer incredible value.

TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Fly Rods
TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Fly Rods

These medium fast action 2-piece rods offer astounding performance and are perfect first fly rods.

TFO Lefty Kreh TiCr X Fly Rods
TFO Lefty Kreh TiCr X Fly Rods

Lefty designed these rods to be powerful angling tools, with 6 prototypes developed to achieve the desired result.

TFO Mangrove Salt Water Fly Rods

This latest range from TFO offers superb feel and control for real, honest fishing situations.