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Temple Fork Outfitters

TFO Axiom II Fly Rods

 Smooth and efficient casting tools. Freshwater and Saltwater, available from 5wt to 12wt

TFO Axiom II Switch Fly Rod

These are extremely light weight, durable, thoughtfully designed fly rods with superb performance. Best defined simply as totally efficient delivery tools.

TFO Axiom II-X Fly Rods

Designed for the intermediate to advanced fly angler seeking to maximize accuracy at distance. Available from 5wt to 12wt.

TFO BC Big Fly Rods

NEW! Designed in conjunction with Advisory Staffer Blane Chocklett, the BC Big Fly rod is the perfect tool to deliver the biggest flies to the meanest fish. Available in 8wt to 12wt.

TFO Blue Ribbon Fly Rods

The Blue Ribbon series is all about efficient casting when keeping the fly in the water is key. Available from 2wt to 7wt.

TFO Bluewater SG Fly Rods

If you’re chasing brutes like billfish, tuna, trevally, and sharks these are the sticks you want to have in your arsenal. Available in 8-10wt to 16wt+

TFO Bug Launcher Rod & Reel Kits
TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rod & Reel Kit

These kits are a great beginner's outfit, including a reel, line, leader, backing and sock in a rod and reel carrying case. 

TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rods
TFO Bug Launcher Fly Rods (Kids)

Bug Launchers include thinner diameter compressed cork grips for a better fit in smaller hands.

TFO BVK SD Fly Reels

We took the successful BVK series of reels and added a fully sealed drag system. 

TFO BVK Spey Rods

Think light and responsive, ideal for touch-and-go casts and those throwing longer heads and lines.

TFO LK Legacy Fly Rods

The LK Legacy series pays homage to TFO’s founding rod designer Lefty Kreh by incorporating all his wisdom in the creation of the ultimate “big water” trout rod for intermediate to advanced anglers. Available in 3wt to 8wt

TFO Mangrove Coast Fly Rods

NEW! Designed by TFO Advisor Flip Pallot, the Mangrove Coast was built for the hardcore saltwater angler seeking a medium fast action blank. Easy to load and precisely deliver a fly to spooky saltwater fish. Available in 6wt to 12wt.

TFO NTR Fly Reels

NEW! Available in two colors, clear-gold or black-gold and comes in four sizes, from a 3/4-weight to a 9/10-weight.

TFO NXT Black Label Fly Reels

Available in 3 sizes perfect for trout, warm water species and even light saltwater applications. 

TFO NXT Black Label Fly Rods & Kits

The NXT Black Label series is designed to make fly fishing simple and affordable – TFO’s mission.

TFO Pro III Two Handed Rods

The Pro III Two Handed rods are available in 6 rod options from 2wt to 8wt (180 upto 600 grain wt.)

TFO Professional III Fly Rods

The Pro III was designed to provide new and intermediate anglers a tool with a wider sweet spot to allow casters to better feel the rod load. Available in 3wt to 10wt.

TFO Rod Cases

Rod tubes for all lenghts and pieces. Also available in rod and reel tubes.

TFO Signature II Fly Rods

Medium fast action 2-piece rods. The perfect first fly rod with performance that will impress even a master fly caster. Available in 2wt to 10wt.