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Molix Craw Flex

 3" (7.5cm) 6 per pack. Soft, flexible, floating soft plastic that is extremely hard wearing and resistant to cutting.

Molix Freaky Flex

 3" (6.5cm) 6 per pack. Extremely soft, flexible, floating soft plastic that is extremely hard wearing and resistant to cutting.

Molix Glide Bait 178

178mm (7") 3oz Slow Sinking
Carl Jocumsen signature bait.

Molix HDM90B

Heavy casting minnow ideal for casting off the rocks for Salmon, Kingfish, Tailor and other pelagics. 90mm 44g Sinking

Molix Jerk 105

 105mm  55gr Sinking

Molix Jerk 140

 140mm  85gr Sinking

Molix Jerk 95DR

 95mm  12.5gr Suspending

Molix Kento Jigs

3/8oz 10.5g

1/2oz 14g

Molix Line Scissors
Designed for Braid & Monofilament.
Molix Lover Special Vibration Jig

Fixed head chatterbait is the best way to describe this lure. Perfect for heavy cover fishing for bass.

3/8oz (10,5g) single hook with silicone skirt.

Molix Magnum Vibration

Large fixed head chatterbait ideal for cod and barra. 1.5oz sinking.

Molix Nano Jigs

Available in 5g & 9g
Size 1 hook ideal for Australian Bass

09 Red Pike
Molix Pike Spinnerbait

28g (1oz) Cod spinnerbait.

Molix Pop Frog Rattlin'

 65mm  18gr  Floating

Molix RA Shad

This 4.5" (11.5cm) soft plastic swimbait generates a very natural swimming action no matter the retrieve speed, and is enriched with a craw and fish scented formula for added fish attraction. 

Molix RT Fork Flex

Made using an exclusive MOLIX FORMULA; extremely buoyant compound, soft and flexible. It is more resistant to cutting and it is enriched with salt and scent.

Molix RT Shad
Molix RT Shad

Available in 3 sizes (3.5", 4.5", 7"), it has a natural swimming action with a rolling effect at any speed and a bulky paddle tail with excellent stability.

19 Real Sarda
Molix SB120 Stickbait
120mm 25gr Sinking
Molix Shad 100, 140 & 185

This very popular soft plastic sinking swimbait is available in 3 sizes (100mm, 140mm, 185mm) and features a segmented body and a Colorado blade.

Molix Supernato Frog

 6 Colours, Length 1150mm, 22 grams