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Brass Hourglass Eyes

These plated brass barbell eyes are the quickest way to add weight and action to any pattern.

Brass Hourglass Eyes with Pupil

 Plated Brass Hourglass Eyes with Pupils.

Wapsi Bead Chain Eyes

Bead Chain Eyes are very popular for streamers and saltwater flies.

Wapsi Cone Heads

Get your flies down deep, fast by adding brass cone heads to them.

Wapsi Cyclops Beads

Made of brass, Wapsi's Cyclops Beads are expertly polished and drilled especially to be used on flies.

Wapsi Dolls Eyes

Doll Eyes are a coloured plastic eye with a moveable, audible black pupil.

Wapsi Dumbell Lead Eyes

A widely used fly tying material, especially in many innovative fly patterns such as Bob Clouser's Swimming Minnow.

Wapsi Fly Rattles

Made of tough laboratory glass, these rounded end rattles can be put in the belly of a zonker.

Wapsi Hologram Eyes

These 3D stick-on eyes with extra strong adhesive come on a special quick release liner for easy application. 

Wapsi Hour Glass Tungsten Eyes

A great range of Tungsten eyes for those saltwater patterns.

Wapsi Jungle Cock Eyes

Jungle Cock Imitation eyes are available 24 per package.

Wapsi Mono Eyes

These tiny, lightweight, plastic nymph eyes are great on dragonfly nymphs and crawfish.


Wapsi Presentation Eyes

The symmetrical hour glass shape of these solid lead Presentation Eyes is self-centering and easy to tie.


Wapsi Rattle Eyes

Spool shaped Pyrex® Rattle Eyes can be used with hologram or stick on eyes. 


Wapsi Real Eyes

Use the recess diameter for stick on or hologram eyes with these Real-Eyes.


Wapsi Stick On Eyes

Very popular for saltwater baitfish imitations and freshwater streamers.

Wapsi Tungsten Beads

Use tungsten beads to sink even tiny flies down deep - they're twice as heavy as brass and even heavier than lead.

Wapsi Tungsten Tear Drop Beads

These are a great substitute for lead wire and make a nice body form for scuds and sowbugs.