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Partridge 15BNZ Klinkhamer X-treme

The hook has an extra bend at the eye and is designed to ensure that the wing and thorax are positioned and proportioned to the original pattern

Partridge CS52 Sea Prince

Thoroughbred hook for all saltwater species

Partridge D4AF Streamer

This hook is now suitable for all types of traditional streamer, bucktail and long attractor flies.

Partridge G3A/L Wet Heavy Supreme

Heavy wire forged sproat bend - ideal for all kinds of wet flies

Partridge H1A Nymph Long

With their wide gape they are excellent for large bodied flies such as muddlers

Partridge K12ST Caddis

Standard wire, long shank hook with forged "sweeping" bend for added strength

Partridge K4A Egg/Shrimp

Suitable for small grub, scud, shrimp and emerger patterns

Partridge L5A Dry Fly Supreme

Standard Wire, Standard Shank Length Hook with Forged Round Bend

Partridge Z60 Sea Beast

Ideal for shark, barracuda and other large saltwater predator patterns