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 Black nickle, straight eye.


 Straight eye, black nickel.

Chaos Knife Jig in chartreuse silver
Chaos Knife Jigs

Designed by Australian anglers for our pelagic fish these good value jigs have a great sliding action. 


CHL Foam Stick Floats

Spring stick float. 2 per packet.

D4AF Streamer Hook

 Wide gape, down eye, bronze.

Foam Pear Floats

Slip floats weighted, slotted and un-weighted made from high density foam. (3 per packet)

G3A/L Wet Heavy Supreme

 Heavy wire forged sproat bend.

Hawaiian Snaps

Unique scissor action, snap opens with finger pressure.

HIA Nymph Long

 2X Long Shank.


 Black nickle, straight eye.


Superior to bubble-type models, this live bait aerator provides a much more effective oxygenation which keeps the bait alive longer.

Mucilin A5 & A4

 Mucilin Hourglass Liquid Silicone

Mucilin Floatant Green & Red

 Line & Leader Floatant

Mucilin Quick Sink & Line Cleaner

 Quick Sink & Fly Line Cleaner

Nite-Glow Pear Floats

Glow in the dark float (2 per packet)

No-Knot Eyelets

No-Knot Eyelet is a small barbed eyelet for leader connection.

No-Knot Fast Snaps

Excellent for changing lures or jig heads quickly. Very strong, made of spring steel.

Oval & Round Foam Floats

High density foam floats. 3 per packet.