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Dr.Slick Braid Scissors

Designed specifically for cutting modern braided lines, they have black loop handles and straight blades.

Sunline Cast Away PE
Sunline Cast Away PE

Non-tangle IGFA class braided line offering superb casting distance, accuracy and visibility.

Sunline Monster Battle PE

Special high strength casting line made from 8 strand HG-PE with a special surface resin to improve smoothness and casting distance.

Sunline PE EGI ULT

ULT-PE for superior strength, stiffness, sensitivity, and abrasion resistance. 180m spool PE0.3 to PE1

Sunline PE Jigger 8 HG
Sunline PE Jigger 8 HG

8-strand IGFA class braid with exceptional strength, an ultra smooth surface and a unique colour marking system.

Super Braid 5 connected
Sunline Super Braid 5

NEW! 200m & 1200m connected high quality polyethylene braid with just the right amount of stiffness and resilience.

15lb Light Blue
Sunline Super PE

Upgraded Super PE is smoother and now available in 4lb. Super PE provides high sensitivity, strength and reliability.

Sunline Super PE 8 Braid

NEW! The latest addition to the popular Super PE, this 8 strand braid offers a round smooth line with excellent characteristics for fishing finesse baits to targeting barra and rampaging pelagics.