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Dr.Slick Braid Scissors

Designed specifically for cutting modern braided lines, they have black loop handles and straight blades.

Sunline Almight ULT-PE

New! Sinking PE with the latest braiding technology. 150m from PE0.4 to PE1.5

Sunline AMZ PE 4

Siglon PE AMZ 4 strand braid

Orange colour

Sunline AMZ PE 8

Siglon PE AMZ is an 8-strand high performance braid.

Two Colours: Orange and Multi Colour.

Sunline Cast Away PE

Braided line offering superb casting distance, accuracy and visibility. 10lb to 60lb

Sunline Full Contact x8 HG-PE

Special high strength casting line made from 8 strand HG-PE with a special surface resin to improve smoothness and casting distance.

Sunline PE Jigger ULT SPJ

Slow Pitch Jigging specific braid made with ULT PEx4 with smooth surface processing and low stretch processing. 1200m spool PE1.5 to PE4. 

Sunline Siglon PE

This braid offers incredible performance at an amazing price! Available in PEx8 and PEx4 in 150m and 300m. 3500m bulk spool available in PEx8 Multicolour.

Sunline Siglon PEx8 ADV

NEW! Industry first deep resin technology increases abrasion resistance, slickness and knot strength. It also repels water to improve casting distance cast after cast. Available in 150m and 300m multi colour or turquoise blue.

Sunline X Plasma Asegai PEx8

PEx8 braid with Sunline's industry first patented Plasma Rise Technology which alters the line to make it slicker, more abrasion and repel water.