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EJ Todd distributes a wide variety of quality fishing gear to over 400 fishing and tackle specialty shops around Australia. Our extensive product list comprises rods, reels, lines and lures as well as things outside the tackle box such as boots, clothing and luggage.

The business was established before World War II around 1936 by Edward James Todd and remains as a 100% family owned and operated business to this day, led by his grandson Graham with his wife Pam and two of their children Bryan and Belinda. A handful of experienced and passionate reps plus invaluable and dedicated support staff Trudie and Mark round out the EJ Todd team. We believe in operating with honesty and integrity and work hard to back up our top quality products with excellent customer service.

For many years we supplied all forms of sporting equipment, but over the last few decades we have narrowed our focus so that we now solely source and stock high quality fishing gear from a number of trusted and reputable brands such as:  

  • Dobyns Rods - high end fishing rods
  • Dr. Slick - founded by a surgeon with the sole purpose of producing the highest quality precision fly tying tools 
  • Frost & Mora Knives - widely acclaimed knives manufactured in Sweden offering outstanding sharpness and toughness, based on over 300 years experience
  • Lucky Craft - superior Japanese hard-body lures and rods
  • NS Black Hole - excellent Korean-made rods offering great value
  • Palms - industry leading jigging products specialising in rods and lures
  • Snowbee - superb waders, flylines, gloves, rods and accessories
  • Sunline - quality Japanese lines including braid such as the industry leading Super PE, fluorocarbon and mono
  • Vanfook - Japanese hooks including trebles, doubles, worm and single hooks
  • Yamashita / Maria - top of the line squid jigs including the 'warm jacket' series plus lures, rods and accessories

Product details are available on this website but please don't hesitate to contact us with any further technical questions you might have. Or follow our facebook page to see what's being caught with our products. For prices and stock availability please contact your local retailer