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Sunline Basic FC
Sunline Basic FC

A supple 100% fluorocarbon, ideal for fishing FC straight through.

Sunline Egi Leader Black Stream

100% Fluorocarbon leader designed for squid fishing. 

Sunline Egi Leader FC

Designed specifically for squid fishing this FC leader has high sensitivity, excellent knot strength and great abrasion resistance. 30m spool 6lb to 12lb

Sunline Egi Leader SV-1

This leader has a camouflage pink colour which vanishes underwater around swell or a broken bottom. 30m spool 6lb to 12lb

Sunline FC Rock Leader
Sunline FC Rock

Delivers high sensitivity with a hard outer shell for improved abrasion resistance around rocks and structure. 2lb to 50lb

100% Fluorocarbon Leader
Sunline FC Rock Bream Special
Designed specifically for Australian bream fishing. Available in 50m spool 2lb to 12lb

 High sensitivity and increased water resistance with P-Ion.

Sunline FC Sniper Invisible

Formulated for high pressure fishing, this FC alternates in colour every 15cm for ultimate stealth. 

Sunline Rock Bite FC

Supple fluorocarbon mainline with colour markings of pink and orange so you can track your line and eaisly see strikes.
90m spool 2lb to 8lb

Sunline Siglon FC
Sunline Siglon FC30 & FC50

This high quality fluorocarbon leader is very abrasion resistant, knots well and is almost invisible underwater.

Sunline Super FC Sniper

Virtually zero memory, this 100% Fluorocarbon has been formulated with the stealthiness of a sniper. Available in 2lb to 30lb

Sunline FC100
Sunline System Leader FC100

This top of the line fluorocarbon is supple, imparting more action into your lure or jig while having excellent abrasion resistance. 30m & 100m in 16lb to 100lb

Sunline V Plus FC

Soft type FC leader designed to absorb shock and be easy to knot. 4lb to 20lb

Sunline V-Hard

Sunline’s no.1 fluorocarbon leader, with superior knot strength and abrasion resistance, up to 30% better than other FC leaders!