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Bass/Saltwater Rooster Necks have long, wide, webby hackles that are great for bass and saltwater projects.

Round Rubber Legs

Very popular legs for bass bugs, crabs and poppers.

Sili Legs

Made of silicone, Sili Legs have a translucency and flexibility that is unmatched by conventional rubber legs.


 four sizes 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Wapsi 4 Strand Floss

Use 4 Strand Floss to build up floss bodies on wet flies, humpies and streamers.

Wapsi Barred Rabbit Zonkers 1/8"

Beautifully soft tanned rabbit strips expertly cut to meet specific tying needs.

Wapsi Bead Chain Eyes

Bead Chain Eyes are very popular for streamers and saltwater flies.

Wapsi Blood Quill Marabou

This feather is a great all around marabou for trout, bass and saltwater flies.

Wapsi Bronze Mallard

Bronze Mallard is used for dry fly wings, nymph legs, wing cases, tails....  

Wapsi Bucktail

The most popular streamer material available, it has been meticulously processed and is of the finest quality.

Wapsi Calf tail

Used in freshwater tying for hair wings, this clean, crinkly, natural hair is now beginning to show up in saltwater flies.

Wapsi CDC

C.D.C. is used for emerger and dry fly patterns.

Wapsi CDC Puffs

C.D.C Puffs are more soft and supple than regular C.D.C.

Wapsi Combo Hair & Tail Packs

Hair and Tail combo packs.

Wapsi Cone Heads

Get your flies down deep, fast by adding brass cone heads to them.

Wapsi Cross Cuts 1/8"

 Rabbit Cross Cuts 1/8"

Wapsi Cyclops Beads

Made of brass, Wapsi's Cyclops Beads are expertly polished and drilled especially to be used on flies.

Wapsi Deceiver Hackle

These are good for streamers, wets, bass and saltwater flies, and great for wooly buggers.

Wapsi Deer Belly Hair

Deer belly hair, bright solid colours, great for bass bugs, not tanned.

Wapsi Deer Body Hair

 Deer Body Hair, extra large pack, suitable for small grasshopper and beetle patterns.