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Cicada II Bass Tune
Cicada II Bass Tune - Tiemco

 35mm 4g floating. Hardbody with 3 trebles.

Cicada Soft Shell - Tiemco

A soft foam bodied cicada imitation designed to catch species such as bream and bass. 40mm 4g Floating.

Trick Trout Tiny Cicada
Cicada Trick Trout Tiny - Tiemco

 34mm 2.7g Floating. Hardbody with 2 trebles.


 52mm 11gr

Tiemco Cover Bug
Cover Bug - Tiemco

 60mm 9g Floating. Soft foam body with rubber legs and weedless single hook at the rear. 

Creepy Shrimp

 38mm, 5 per pack.

Panic Cicada
Panic Cicada - Tiemco

 Available in two sizes, 30mm 2.2gr and 40mm 4gr Floating.

Riot Blade

 25mm 9gr ball bearing tail spinner

Stick and Pencil Minnow
Stick Minnow - Tiemco

Stick Minnow: 40mm 3g sinking
Pencil Minnow: 40mm 2g floating

Tiny Cicada Bass Tune
Tiny Cicada Bass Tune - Tiemco

 Silent cicada with silicone rubber legs. 34mm 2.7g Floating

W-BUZZ - Tiemco

 W-BUZZ 56mm 13gr floating.