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Lucky Craft

Lucky Craft Bevy Popper in impact yellow
Lucky Craft Bevy Popper

Generates the 'land on water' impact every time a strong action is applied to this 48mm lure.

Lucky Craft Bevy Shad

Bevy Shad 50FC & 60FC designed to suspend perfectly with the nose down.

Lucky Craft Tango 45
Lucky Craft Bevy Shad Tango 45

Featuring glass rattles and flat sides which produce an irresistable wide wobbling action, this 45mm lure is deadly on bream, bass and trout.

Bevy Vibration in MS American Shad
Lucky Craft Bevy Vibration

Available in 40mm and 50mm, designed to produce a livelier action and eliminate unnatural movement without getting tangled in weeds.

Lucky Craft Chinu Shad 55

Heavy, deep diving, small profile jerkbait 55mm 5.7g Slow Floating Dives to 3m

Lucky Craft Clutch in 781
Lucky Craft Clutch

The floating 42mm Lucky Craft Clutch is available in a MR and DR rounded bib.

Lucky Craft Cra-Pea
Lucky Craft Cra-Pea

Available in standard (4 diving depths) and flat (3 diving depths) models, this 38mm lure features a short square bib for a wide wobbling action and maximum water deflection.

EB-R in 0457
Lucky Craft EB-R

Available in 55mm, it is the perfect prawn imitation with a realistic shape and lifelike finish, suitable along the edges of weedbeds or flats.

Lucky Craft FlashMinnow

Available in 110mm, 55mm and 65mm it has an unparalleled casting distance plus an erratic action when jerked that is number one in the industry.

Flat CB in aurora gold
Lucky Craft Flat CB

Available in D-12 (dives to 12ft) and D-20 (dives to 20ft). New AU D-20 fitted with Decoy W-77 trebles.

Lucky Craft G-Splash in ghost nishiki
Lucky Craft G-Splash

65mm and 80mm popper with a large cupped face. 80mm is fitted with Decoy Y-W77 trebles.

Gunfish in ghost sunfish
Lucky Craft Gunfish

Available in 75mm, 95mm and 115mm, this next generation slim bait walks wide and has a distinctive cup face for maximum spitting action. 115 available in AU series with Decoy W-77 trebles.

Lucky Craft Humpback Minnow 50mm

 50mm, 3.2gr, Suspending.

247 MS Black
Lucky Craft Kelly J Jr.

Fish can't resist this 60mm topwater lure with twin blades to create commotion and hold the lure in the zone.

Lucky Craft Keroll Bug
Lucky Craft Keroll Bug


45mm & 70mm topwater walker. The front cup creates a loud splashing sound to call in the fish.  

Keroll Jr in salmon egg (422)
Lucky Craft Keroll Jr

This 40mm topwater has an excellent profile for bream or bass surface fishing, with a small but sharp pop that attracts fish.

180 & 200 profiles
Lucky Craft LL Pointer

The 180mm  model is a jointed sinking jerkbait with excellent swimming action and the 200mm model has excellent side-to-side slashing and gliding action.

LV 500 MAX
Lucky Craft LV 500 MAX

Brass & glass rattles create a unique, loud and interesting sound to big curious fish. 75mm 23g it casts like a bullet.

LV RTO colour 206
Lucky Craft LV-RTO

The LV RTO 55mm & 63mm series is a lipless crankbait that has a slow roll retrieve and a shimmy fall, and is available in rattle and silent models.

Lucky Craft Mad Scientist

Opti Shad 2" & 4" plus Victory Tail 3" & 5"