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Euro Tungsten Nymphs

 Euro Nymphs, Tungsten Slotted Beads

H2O Gold Barra Bomber

Classic Barramundi fly tied on Gamakatsu SL12S hooks in sizes 2/0, 4/0 and 6/0

Todd Beadhead Flies

Need a little bit of extra weight to achieve depth or help overcome the influence of water flow, beadhead flies are an essential part of your fly fishing arsenal in many situations.

Sold in a box of 12 flies.

SIlver BMS (20299)
Todd BMS Strand Flies

A fine profile bait fish pattern effective on trout, redfin, bass and estuary perch.

Sizes 4-10

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Deer Hair Bread Fly (20300)
Todd Bread Flies

Deer hair and chenille bread flies. Suitable for a wide range of species from bream to carp.

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Teton Caddis Flies
Todd Caddis Flies

Individually hand tied on Daiichi hooks, they imitate the caddisfly insect and are available in 15 patterns in sizes 10 to 18.

Brown CDC Emerger (200196)
Todd CDC Flies

Classic emerger designs suitable for catching trout, carp and small water bass.

Sizes 12 to 16

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Teton Dry Flies 4/4
Todd Dry Flies

These flies are individually hand tied on Daiichi hooks and are available in over 100 patterns from sizes 8 to 20.

Knobby Hopper (20102)
Todd Hopper Flies

A range of classic hopper patterns suitable for trout to bass.

Sold in a box of 12 flies 

Olive Matuka (20205)
Todd Matuka Flies

A versatile series of flies. Available in sizes 4 to 10.

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Nelson Brown (20116)
Todd Nymph Flies

Nymphs are the larva stage of aquatic insects and all freshwater fish will feed on them at some stage. That said, nymphs should be part of evey fly fishers fly box.

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Alexandra (20220)
Todd Streamer Flies

Also known as lure or attractor flies. Some represent forage fish while others are just an effective fish attractors.

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Wet Orange Partridge (20149)
Todd Wet Flies

There are many traditional soft hackle flies in this range, proven fish catchers. You will also find a range of egg flies suitable for trout and carp.

Sold in a box of 12 flies