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Snowbee Tropics Big Fly Floating Fly Line

Short, steep tapers and a short head designed for turning over big flies. 8wt, 9wt, 10wt, 12wt

Snowbee Tropics Depth Charge Sinking Fly Line

When you need to get down deep and fast with either short or long casts, our new Tropics ‘Depth-Charge’ delivers on all counts. Sink rate of 5-6 inches per second. Available in 8wt to 12wt

Snowbee Tropics Floating Presentation Fly Line

A floating line with a longer head and extended tapers, designed for smaller flies and precise presentation. The ideal line when ‘sight fishing’ for bonefish, permit etc. Available in 7wt to 10wt.

Snowbee XS Clear Intermediate Fly Line

Weight forward clear intermediate with a sink rate of 1.5 to 2.5ips. Available in 5wt to 8wt

Snowbee XS Delicate Presentation Fly Line

The long shallow front taper gives superb, controlled turn over and allows the most delicate presentation of dry flies. Available in 2wt to 6wt.

Snowbee XS Double Taper Fly Line

XS performance in a Double Taper profile for the traditional angler where fly presentation is everything. Available in 3wt to 9wt.

Snowbee XS Extreme Distance
Snowbee XS Extreme Distance

Another award winning fly line from Snowbee, this is surely one of the ultimate distance casting lines ever made. 

Snowbee XS Floating
Snowbee XS Floating

This Weight Forward line features a unique combination of ultra-low friction coating, balanced profile and outstanding shootability.

Snowbee XS Sink Tip Intermediate
Snowbee XS Sink Tip Intermediate

The same superb casting performance as Snowbee's floating lines, without the hinging and ‘casting kick’ usually associated with sink tips. 

Snowbee Two Colour
Snowbee XS Two Colour

The best of Snowbee XS standard fly line design with a simple colour enhancement to help improve technique.

Snowbee XS-PLUS Countdown

120ft full sink lines with new Nano Coating Technology.