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Assist Skirts TB2 packaging
Yamashita Assist Skirt

Available in 45mm, 60mm and 75mm these rigged rubber octopus skirts feature flash foil and twin assist hooks, and are ideal for shore jigging from 40g to 100g jigs.

Yamashita Golden Bait Octopus Skirts

Available in 4 sizes (6", 8", 10", 12") and a wide range of colours these trolling skirts with no eyes are soft and supple and have an excellent action in the water.

Yamashita Skirt in clear/blue/pink
Yamashita Golden Bait Octopus Skirts (small)

Made using top grade Japanese made materials, the proven color choices and incredible suppleness of Yamashita skirts is legendary.

Panic Bait 75mm & 90mm
Yamashita Panic Bait Assist Hook Skirts

Available in 45mm, 75mm and 95mm, these skirts are designed to be attached to assist hooks, increasing the action and presentation of your metal jigs. 

Yamashita Taikabura

 Snapper jig with a number of unique design features including the line through head design, silicone skirt and quick interchangeable head system. 60g to 120g