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Lucky Craft

Lucky Craft Bevy Shad 50FC & 60FC

Bevy Shad 50FC & 60FC suspend perfectly with the nose down posture on the pause.

Lucky Craft Bevy Shad 60SP

Bevy Shad 60SP 60mm, 4.8gr Suspending, Dives 2-3ft

Lucky Craft Bevy Shad 75

36219-(colour) 75mm 10g (3/8oz) Suspending 6-7ft.

Lucky Craft Bevy Shad Tango 45

Featuring glass rattles and flat sides which produce an irresistable wide wobbling action, this 45mm lure is deadly on bream, bass and trout.

Lucky Craft Chinu Shad 55

Heavy, deep diving, small profile jerkbait 55mm 5.7g Slow Floating Dives to 3m

Lucky Craft Clutch

The floating 42mm Lucky Craft Clutch is available in a MR and DR rounded bib.

Lucky Craft Flash Minnow in 238
Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 65

65mm (3.8g Dives 1ft) Suspending. A tournament winning lure for many black bream anglers.

Lucky Craft G-Splash 65

A superb 'walk the dog' topwater with the water-spitting action of a popper, it's designed to mimic shad whether they are fleeing or skipping across the top on their own.

Lucky Craft G-Splash 85

A superb walk the dog 85mm topwater. 

Gunfish in ghost sunfish
Lucky Craft Gunfish 75mm & 115mm

Available in 75mm and 115mm, this next generation slim bait walks wide and has a distinctive cup face for maximum spitting action. 115 available in AU series..

Lucky Craft Humpback Minnow 50mm

 50mm, 3.2gr, Suspending.

Lucky Craft NW Pencil
Lucky Craft NW Pencil

This 55mm topwater is one of Lucky Craft's most popular for bream, bass and whiting featuring a cylindrical body which thins towards the rear.

Lucky Craft Pointer 100DD

36248A-(colour) 100mm 16.5g Suspending Dives:2m (7ft) 

Lucky Craft Pointer 100SP

 36262A-(colour) 100mm; 18g Suspending Dives 4-5ft.

Lucky Craft Pointer 100XD
Lucky Craft Pointer 100XD

36307A-(colour) 100mm 18.5g Suspending Dives:4m (13ft)

Lucky Craft Pointer 48DD

36274-(colour) 48mm; 3.5g; Suspending Dives 6ft 

Lucky Craft Pointer 65XD

36288-(colour) 65mm; 5.0g Floating Dives 8ft. 

Lucky Craft Pointer 78DD

36247A-(colour) 78mm 9.6g Suspending 6-7ft. 

Lucky Craft Pointer 78SP

36244A-(colour) 78mm 9.2g Suspending 4-5ft 

Lucky Craft Pointer 78XD

78mm 9.5g Suspending Dives:3m (10ft)