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Palms Bogie Walk Smelt

 Centre balanced body,

Palms Brote

 30 gram, 50mm swimming rubber jig, 5 colours.

GIG 115 profile
Palms GIG 100 & 115

Available in 100mm 28g or 115mm 45g these sinking stickbaits have excellent casting distance and appeal.  

PALMS Metal Witch Rods
Palms Metal Witch Rods

Full Fuji componentary in a series of slow jigging and light jigging rods.

PALMS Molla rod
Palms Molla Rods

Quality bass rods featuring X-carbon graphite blanks, Fuji K guides with Torzite tips.

Pin Wheel Rods
Palms Pin Wheel Rods

Finesse spin rods with full Fuji componentary. Available with solid tip or tubular tip options and fast or moderate action options.

Sea Rapture
Palms Sea Rapture Rods

 Full Fuji componentary in a range of casting and jigging models for all offshore game.

Palms Slow Blatt Cast

NEW! 20g, 30g, 40g & 60g slim and wide light jigging metals rigged with twin Decoy front assist hooks and single rear assist hook.

Palms Slow Blatt Cast Oval

Light jigging or shore jigging metals with a centre balanced body and a wide oval shape. Available in 10g, 15g, 20g, 30g, 40g, 60g

Palms Slow Blatt Heavy Assist Hooks.

Made by Decoy, available in #1 Single, #1 Twin, #1/0 Twin, #2/0 Twin.

Palms Slow Blatt Long

 Long profile slow jigging metals. The center balanced, long body hops and slides in a wide side to side action. 60g to 300g

Slow Blatt profiles
Palms Slow Blatt S & R

Specially designed for slow jigging. Available in S or R type from 100g to 500g