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Palms GIG

Sinking stickbaits with excellent casting distance and appeal.  

Palms Metal Witch Quest A Rods

New 2 piece slow pitch jigging rods available in 5 slow pitch cast rods and 2 light jigging spin rods.

Palms Miniature Dax

5g to 14g metals with a light front assist hook and rear treble.

Palms Pin Wheel Rods

Finesse salt game rods fitted with Fuji K guides, X carbon blank reinforcement and solid or tubular tip options. 

Slow Blatt Cast profiles
Palms Slow Blatt Cast


Slim, Wide, Oval, Long & UP light jigging metals rigged with twin Decoy front assist hooks and single rear assist hook. 10g to 60g

Palms Slow Blatt Heavy Assist Hooks

Made by Decoy, available in #1 Single, #1 Twin, #1/0 Twin, #2/0 Twin.

Palms Slow Blatt Long

Long profile slow jigging metals. The center balanced, long body hops and slides in a wide side to side action. 60g to 300g

Slow Blatt profiles
Palms Slow Blatt S & R

Specially designed for slow jigging. Available in S or R type from 100g to 500g

Palms Turn Pop
Designed to target small game like bream and whiting on the surface.
50mm 4g Floating