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150D Chest
Snowbee 150D Rip-Stop Nylon Chest & Thigh Waders


The 150 denier nylon material is lighter, tougher, more durable and more flexible than PVC, so offers the wearer greater protection and comfort.
Snowbee Classic Neoprene Waders

Available in 2 chest models and a thigh model, this new 4mm double-lined range uses a new SCR material which is very soft with 60% more elasticity than CR grade. 

High Elastic PVC range
Snowbee High Elastic PVC Waders

Available in chest, waist and thigh models these budget-priced, booted waders use a ‘Hi-elastic’ PVC with plenty of give for mobility and comfort.

Prestige ST Breathable waders
Snowbee Prestige Soft Touch Breathable Waders

Available in four models with a new Soft Touch material, a new design and new cutting patterns, this range is quite simply the best breathable waders Snowbee has ever made.

Snowbee Ranger Breathable Waders
Snowbee Ranger Breathable Chest Waders

Superb performance, coupled with outstanding value for money. Sizes M to XXL with FB sizes available in M, L & XL

Chest ZIP & Chest
Snowbee SFT Breathable Chest Waders

Seamless Fusion Technology (SFT) uses Sonic-Welding to fuse the material together make the waders far lighter with no seam ridges to rub and chafe. 

Snowbee Wadermaster 420D Chest Wader
Snowbee Wadermaster 420D Chest Waders

They're not breathable and they're not lightweight - what they are is incredibly tough, durable and hardwearing.