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Dr.Slick Barracuda Pliers

Designed with side cutters for cutting monofilament and light wire up to 20lbs.

Dr.Slick Bullet Head Pliers

Rounded jaws give these pliers exceptional grip for reshaping or removing hooks.

Dr.Slick Chain Nose Pliers

The long finely tapered needle nose and sharp edged teeth give exceptional grip for reshaping or removing hooks.

Dr.Slick Pisces Pliers

A striated jaw design with replaceable tungsten carbide anvil cutters, rubber grips, coiled lanyard and a two-pocket holster. 

Stainless Steel Crimping Plier

8" stainless steel Crimping plier.

Stainless Steel Mono Cutters

5" Mono Cutters stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Plier

10" Stainless Steel multi purpose plier.