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H2O Polar Strips

 Polar Strips made from Polar Fibre.

Wapsi 1/8" 1/4" Magnum; 3/8" Zonker Strips

Zonker strips available in two sizes :- 1/8", 1/4" Magnum and 3/8" Texas Cut.

Wapsi Barred Rabbit Zonkers 1/8" & 1/4" Magnum Cut

Beautifully soft tanned rabbit strips expertly cut to meet specific tying needs.

Wapsi Bucktail

The most popular streamer material available, it has been meticulously processed and is of the finest quality.

Two sizes Large & Medium.

Wapsi Calf tail

Used in freshwater tying for hair wings, this clean, crinkly, natural hair is now beginning to show up in saltwater flies.

Wapsi Combo Hair & Tail Packs

Hair and Tail combo packs.

Wapsi Cross Cuts 1/8"

 Rabbit Cross Cuts 1/8"

Wapsi Deer Belly Hair

Deer belly hair, bright solid colours, great for bass bugs, not tanned.

Wapsi Deer Body Hair

Deer body hair, hand selected by experts for ease of spinning, soft tanned.

Wapsi Dubbing Fur

Dubbing fur, beautiful 100% fur patches.

Wapsi Elk Body Hair

Elk Body Hair, a must have material for flies such as Elk Hair Caddis.

Wapsi Elk Rump

Elk rump has the longest length and largest diameter hair, perfect for popper bodies.

Wapsi Hares Mask

This fur has been a standard in dubbing.

Wapsi Micro Pine Zonkers

 Micro Pine Zonkers, extra thin strips of soft tanned pine squirrel. Excellent for mini zonkers, 2 ft per packet.

Wapsi Mixed Hair

 Mixed hair.

Wapsi Premo Strips

Premo strips of the best spinning deer hair, soft tanned, approximately 15" x 2 1/2".

Wapsi Short & Fine Deer Hair

Short and Fine Deer Hair 

Wapsi Squirrel Tails

Use these naturally barred, hand selected prime Squirrel Tails for wings and tails.