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B-ST Blue Shrink Tube

 Vanfook B-ST Blue Shrink Tube 1m

JH-40 JIGEN Grippy

 Medium Heavy Wire Jigging Hooks.


 4X Splir Rings sizes 1 to 9


 S/S Polished smooth round edges.

Vanfook Assist Line

Assist braided cord comes in 80lb, 120lb, 150lb, 200lb, 300lb for making your own assist hooks

Vanfook BBS-88 Blue Backs Shot Hooks for Jigging

BBS-88 Single Jig Hook for Heavy Jigging.

Vanfook BG-86 Beast Edge Assist

BG-86 designed for maximum hook holding ability on Tuna, GT's and other pelagics.

Vanfook BSA-99 Assist Hooks

Single Ultra Heavy Wire Assist Jig Hook

Vanfook CT-78

5X Treble Hooks for barra to tuna #6 to #2/0

Vanfook CT-80

Treble hooks that have extra strong wire and sharp and durable hook points.

Vanfook Deco Twin Assist DT-30

Small heavy wire twin assist hooks ideal for light jigging hook upgrades.

Vanfook DM-52B & DM-62B

Available in sizes 1 - 5/0, these offset hook stoppers prevent the head of the soft plastic bait from slipping down the shank of the hook.

Vanfook DS-21B Drop Shot Hooks

Brilliant dropshot hooks that are extremely sharp and strong for their size. Available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8

Vanfook DT-38 Treble, Light Wire Hook

Available in sizes 8-16 featuring Vanfook black PTFE finish. High quality, high hardness light wire trebles.

Vanfook DT-44 Trebles

 Short Shank, Black Nickel.

Vanfook DT-55 Treble

 Black Finish, Sizes 2-12.

Vanfook DW-31 Doubles

Available in sizes 1-12 these black finish hooks, are constructed from double standard wire and are very sharp.

Vanfook Inline Single PR-55

Black, straight, inline single hooks with a small barb. 

Vanfook JA-40 Single Assist

Single Jig Hook for Light Jigging