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Flymaster Plus 210D 100yd Waxed

A twisted nylon for heavy hair work and large flies.

Spiderweb Thread 30 Denier

Finest thread around. Ties flat, no build.

Wapsi 4 Strand Floss

Use 4 Strand Floss to build up floss bodies on wet flies, humpies and streamers.

Wapsi Flat Waxed Thread

Good heavy 210 denier thread for hair work - ties flat, very strong, covers quickly.

Wapsi Flymaster 6/0 Waxed Thread 70 Denier

Flymaster is a 70 denier (6/0) fine flat nylon filament thread with a heavy wax. Used for small flies only.

Wapsi Lead Wire

Add weight to your nymphs to help get them down. 

Wapsi Ultra GSP Thread

The strongest thread on the planet.

Wapsi Ultra Wire

Ultra wire for the hottest flies.

Wapsi Uni-Thread

Available in 3 strengths, the 3/0 is a multi-filament and the 6/0 and 8/0 are continuous polyester filaments.

Wapsi UTC Kevlar Thread

An ultra strong thread for heavy work such as tying eggs, and spinning and stacking deer and elk hair.

Wapsi UTC Monofilament Thread

A great choice for use in tying any fly pattern calling for monofilament material. 

Wapsi UTC Thread Wax

Designed for all nylon fly tying threads, it has a special light formula that prevents fraying and adds 'bite'.

Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread

A multifilament thread that's not bonded but has been carefully developed to enhance tying performance.