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Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Rods

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The ultimate in sensitivity, strength, weight and balance! Champion Extreme HP Series rods feature proprietary high modulus graphite blanks, Fuji guides, Fuji reel seats, Toray material, Kevlar wrapping and grade AAA Portugal cork grips. These rods are lighter, stronger, more sensitive and perfectly balaned. They let the world know that you are dead serious about winning.


No-fault Warranty program: all Dobyns rods purchased from an Australian retailer come with an unconditional warranty for the life of the original registered owner. No matter how you break it, we will replace it with a  brand new rod, for the warranty fee contact your retailer. To activate your warranty upon purchasing your Dobyns rod, click here.


SPIN   Length Handle Line Class Lure Wt. Action
40050 DX 701SF Finesse 7' CORK-SPLIT 4-10LB 1/16-3/8 Fast
40051 DX702SF Finesse 7' CORK-SPLIT 6-12LB 1/8-1/2 Fast
40052 DX703SF 7' CORK-SPLIT 8-17LB 3/16-5/8 Fast
40053 DX743SF 7'4" CORK-FULL 8-17LB 3/16-5/8 Fast
40055 DX741SF 7'4" CORK-FULL 4-10LB 1/16-3/8 Fast
40056 DX742SF 7'4" CORK-FULL 6-12LB 1/8-1/2 Fast
40057 DX764SF 7'6" CORK-FULL 10-20LB 1/4-1oz Fast
CAST   Length Handle Line Class Lure Wt. Action
40060 DX701C Finesse 7' CORK-SPLIT 4-10LB 1/16-3/8 Fast
40061 DX702C Finesse 7' CORK-SPLIT 6-12LB 1/8-1/2 Fast
40062 DX703C 7' CORK-SPLIT 10-17LB 1/4-3/4 Fast
40067 DX704C 7' CORK-SPLIT 10-20LB 1/4-1oz Fast
40065 DX743C 7'4" CORK-SPLIT 10-17LB 1/4-3/4 Fast
40063 DX744C 7'4" CORK-FULL 10-20LB 1/4-1oz Fast
40064 DX745C FH 7'4"  CORK-FULL 12-25LB 3/8-11/2 Fast


Review by Pro-Staffer Dean Silvester

As a tournament bass fisherman my rod choice is vital to my success, having a rod to suit each technique I use is also a bonus.

Tournament fishing is difficult mentally and sometimes physically, having a lightweight well-structured rod allows me to focus on what is important. The Dobyns Champion Extreme rod is made by bass anglers for bass anglers and when using the rod it is easy to see. With cork reel seats and light weight Zirconia guides these rods offer me the ultimate in sensitivity when fishing soft plastics on a slow roll yet have the taper and control to be able to fish small blades and not pull hooks.

All the rods in the Champion Extreme range that I run have identical lengths, tapers and fittings. When fishing a tournament with the pressure on I like to be able to change lure techniques and the only thing that feels different is the lure. This way I don’t need to re-learn the rod or feeling of the retrieve. In a high pressure situation every cast counts and I can’t afford to waste one with weed on my lure or the lure not tracking correctly.

The appearance and finish of the Champion Extreme is nothing short of impressive whilst the price is available on most budgets and the no fault warranty program is hard to walk past, no matter how you break it they will replace it.