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Assist Skirts TB2 packaging
Yamashita Assist Skirt

Available in 45mm, 60mm and 75mm these rigged rubber octopus skirts feature flash foil and twin assist hooks, and are ideal for shore jigging from 40g to 100g jigs.

colours explained
Yamashita EGI Colour Selection

Helpful information to assist in colour selection

Colour R01
Yamashita Egi Oh JP+

Features a unique construction with a "Jump up" weight moving system

Colour B08
Yamashita Egi Oh K

King of the squid jigs, this series is designed to excel in tough conditions.

Yamashita EGI OH Q LIVE
Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live

The Live series features the industry leading 'warm jacket' technology and is available in 3 sink rates, 4 sizes and over 50 colours! Now also available in 490 GLOW!

Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live 490 glow colour chart

Egi Oh Q LIVE squid jig featuring a patented thermo-storage cloth called the 'warm jacket'.

Yamashita EGI OH Q Live Search
Yamashita Egi Oh Q Live Search

Tuned 600Hz rattle inside the body, warm jacket cloth, slim nose design and the 490 glow series!


Yamashita EGI OH TR
Yamashita EGI OH TR

Tip Run EGI designed for deep water drifting to target squid. Available in size #3.0 23g and #3.5 30g

Yamashita Egi Oh TR Sinker

Attach to the nose of your squid jigs to convert a regular jig to a tip run jig

Colour NEB
Yamashita Egi Sutte-R

Available in 6 sizes the Egi Sutte R squid jigs feature skeleton glow bodies stainless steel hooks and a slim head design. 

Yamashita Eging Snaps

 These small but amazingly strong snaps are the simple way to change jigs

Yamashita Eginno Pyonpyon Search

The Eginno Pyonpyon Search 3.5 is the latest addition to Yamashita's range of squid jigs, bringing 'egi' and 'innovation' together.

Yamashita Fluorocarbon Sabiki

 Set of 6 hooks Sabiki with Fluorocarbon line.

Yamashita Golden Bait Octopus Skirts

Available in sizes 6", 8", 10", 12" in a wide range of proven colours. Made with Japanese materials, soft and supple with an excellent action in the water.

Yamashita Golden Bait Skirts (small)

1.5 (45mm) to 4.5 (135mm) skirts made using top grade Japanese materials, proven colours and the incredible suppleness Yamashita is famous for.

Yamashita Jig Chaser Sabiki Rig

The Yamashita jig chaser is designed to resemble baitfish. 

Yamashita Kingfish Sabiki Rig

Kingfish Sabiki is available in two sizes, 40lb and 60lb. 

Yamashita Naory RH
Yamashita Naory RH Glow & 490Glow

The new Naory RH jigs feature the 'warm jacket' cloth, glow and 490Glow bodies and 2 sink rate options. Available in sizes 1.5, 1.8 & 2.2.

Yamashita Naory Set

A rigged Naory RH with an Oppai Sutte branch jig, simply clip it onto your mainline and your ready to go. Perfect for targeting Arrow Squid.

Panic Bait 75mm & 90mm
Yamashita Panic Bait Assist Hook Skirts

Available in 45mm, 75mm and 95mm, these skirts are designed to be attached to assist hooks, increasing the action and presentation of your metal jigs. 

Yamashita Sabiki Rig 3 hooks

Sabiki rigs, 3 hook per mainline, 2 per pack, 2 colours.

Yamashita Sabiki Rigs, 5 hooks

Yamashita Sabiki rigs. 4 colours, 3 sizes.

Yamashita Squid Bait Rig
Yamashita Squid Bait Rigs

Strong glow body with the ability to add bait and a glow stick for improved results.

Yamashita Squid Live Bait Rigs
Yamashita Squid Live Bait Rigs

2 rigs per pack, simply attach your live bait and let it swim naturally. 

Yamashita Squid Spike
Yamashita Squid Spike

If you enjoy eating squid it is best to kill it immediately after you catch it. 

Yamashita Taikabura

Snapper jig with silicone skirt and quick interchangeable head system. 

Yamashita Trolling Board
Yamashita Trolling Board

This trolling board will help you get your lure down deep and has three tow points for different lure spreads.