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Palms Slow Blatt Heavy Assist Hooks

Made by Decoy, available in #1 Single, #1 Twin, #1/0 Twin, #2/0 Twin.

Vanfook Assist Line

Assist braided cord comes in 80lb, 120lb, 150lb, 200lb, 300lb for making your own assist hooks

Vanfook BBS-88 Blue Backs Shot Hooks for Jigging

BBS-88 Single Jig Hook for Heavy Jigging.

Vanfook BG-86 Beast Edge Assist

BG-86 designed for maximum hook holding ability on Tuna, GT's and other pelagics.

Vanfook BSA-99 Assist Hooks

Single Ultra Heavy Wire Assist Jig Hook

Vanfook Deco Twin Assist DT-30

Small heavy wire twin assist hooks ideal for light jigging hook upgrades.

Vanfook JA-40 Single Assist

Single Jig Hook for Light Jigging

Vanfook JHT-55 Assist

Dimensional Hyper Twin Hooks for light jigging.



Vanfook JL-45 Assist

Vanfook twin assist hooks for light jigging.


Vanfook JS-39 Superlight Twin Assist

Twin assist hooks for light jigging.


Vanfook JST-44 Short Twin Assist

 Twin Assist hooks for Light Jigging


Vanfook SA-60 Spear Single Assist

For Light Jigging. Sizes: #2/0, #3/0 & #4/0.

Vanfook Twin Dancer RT-31B & DT31-B

Small assist hooks for bream and bass lures. RT31-B ringed & DT31-B looped.

Vanfook Twin Dancer TD-41B Heavy

Twin Dancer Heavy wire, small assist hooks.

Sizes: S, M, L