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Snowbee Fly-Mate Vices

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This premium range of fly tying vices is second to none, they represent great value for money.

Superbly engineered from high quality steel and aircraft aluminium, the jaws are made from specially hardened, high alloy tool steel. The Fly-Mate Vices feature a rotational facility which, combined with the cranked jaws shaft, ensures that, when rotated, the shank of the hook turns around its own axis.

Parallel clamping of the hook, by means of the 2 jaw clamp screws, ensures secure grip of any hook size from #24 to 8/0.

Optional extra for Fly- mate Vices Available in desk Clamp style or Pedestal models, an optional extra is a patented ball joint on the vice shaft. This gives movement in all planes, which coupled with the 360° rotation facility allows viewing of the fly from all angles during tying. This facility can be particularly useful when tying very small dry flies or when using Epoxy resin for Buzzers or Saltwater flies. The ball joint allows unlimited movement, so the Epoxy can be accurately ‘run’ into the required shape, while it sets.