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Maria Duplex

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The Duplex minnow is designed for long casts and high speed retrieves giving you more chance of a strike. It's fitted with quality Owner trebles and rings and has an excellent wobble and roll action. Ideal for targeting tuna, bonito, salmon, kingfish and taylor, it is also very effective fished from the beach as it will easily reach the bottom to attract flathead and flounder.


Colours: 10 colours available in the 65mm, 14 colours in the 80mm

Sizes: 65mm (18g), 80mm (31g)

Buoyancy: Sinking

Made in Japan

By Pro-Staffer Jamie Robley

In recent months I've become a big fan of the Maria Duplex 80 and have found it to be both effective and versatile in a range of situations. The first time I tried this unique lure it was well and truly outperforming all the other lures we had on the boat, with the target species being bonito, tailor and salmon. It was catching at least twice as many fish as other conventional metal casting lures and trolling lures.

Since then, I've continued to use the Duplex 80 both from a boat and local beaches. The stand out features of the Duplex are that it casts just as well as traditional metal lures, has a very strong action and can be trolled at speeds of up to 14km without popping out of the water.

If the target species is deeper in the water column the duplex will sink at a rate fast enough to get down to where it is, but at the same time it can almost be worked as a suspending lure. With sharp twitches and pauses, fish will hit it only a few metres from the boat. It's a very well made lure that stands up to a lot of punishment and continues to catch fish after some of the paint gets chipped off. I simply attach a small swivel to the front split ring and tie it to a 10kg to 15kg leader.

So far I've found it to work extremely well on bonito, but other fish that I've caught on it include plenty of mack tuna, striped tuna, kingfish, tailor and salmon. No doubt it would also do well on mulloway, samson fish, flathead, mackerel and others. So if you fish for any of these species from the beach, rocks or a boat I would thoroughly recommend the Maria Duplex.