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Biwaa Kapsiz HD Kast 6" Rigged


43grams rigged

Biwaa Kapsiz HD Kast 9" Rigged

 Biwaa Kapsiz HD Kast 9" 

135grams Rigged, 9 Colours.

LiveTarget Commotion Mullet Hollow Body

Easy to use topwater lure, fitted with a spinning colorado blade and strong double hooks. 100mm 3/4oz Floating 

LiveTarget Hollow Body Craw

The most realistic craw jig available! Winner of 2018 ICAST best new freshwater soft lure. Available in 3 sizes.

LiveTarget Mouse

The intricate life-like details make this rodent so realistic you’ll swear it is alive. The rat is back, the new LiveTarget Hollow Body Field Mouse.

LiveTarget Mullet Swimbait

This soft plastic life-like mullet is available in 4.5" and 5.5" and can be used in skinny water, over grass and shallows or for fishing in current.

Lucky Craft Teckel Sprinker

 Length 70mm, Weight 19 grams.

Lunkerhunt Gambit Swimbait

Weedless hollow-body design runs true around cover as well as in open water conditions. 4.5" 5/8oz

Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog
Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog

This 2013 ICAST soft lure winner features an amazing swimming leg design, a super soft hollow body, a razor-sharp double frog hook and weedless design.

Lunkerhunt Popping Frog
Lunkerhunt Popping Frog

 1/4oz & 1/2oz hollow body popping frog with swimming legs! 

Lunkerhunt Prop Frog

 3.5"  1/2oz 

Its unique design enables it to cruise over the top of cover, re-enter the water, and start churning up water without skipping a beat. 

Molix Pop Frog Rattlin'

 65mm  18gr  Floating

Molix Supernato Frog

 6 Colours, Length 1150mm, 22 grams

Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada

A soft foam bodied cicada imitation designed to catch species such as bream and bass. 40mm 4g Floating.

Tiemco Soft Shell Tiny Cicada

Soft foam body tiny cicada with synthetic legs. 34mm Floating