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Pumpkinseed Vibration in colour 102
LiveTarget Bluegill & Pumpkinseed Vibration

Available in 3 sizes, featuring raised anatomical features that create an incredibly realistic flashpoint effect.

Golden Shiner in colour 208
LiveTarget Golden Shiner

The ultimate lipless rattle bait, perfectly balanced for a ‘retrieve and drop’ style application with powerful harmonic rattles.

Natural Metallic
LiveTarget Pinfish

Destined to become your go-to bait, the ultra-realistic 3D profile and anatomical markings accurately replicate the unique appearance of the Pinfish. 

Bevy Vibration in MS American Shad
Lucky Craft Bevy Vibration

Available in 40mm and 50mm, designed to produce a livelier action and eliminate unnatural movement without getting tangled in weeds.

LV 500 MAX
Lucky Craft LV 500 MAX

Brass & glass rattles create a unique, loud and interesting sound to big curious fish. 75mm 23g it casts like a bullet.

LV RTO colour 206
Lucky Craft LV-RTO

The LV RTO 55mm & 63mm series is a lipless crankbait that has a slow roll retrieve and a shimmy fall, and is available in rattle and silent models.

Varid in Flash Katakuchi
Lucky Craft Varid

This 90mm lipless lure casts like a bullet and will catch spooky or heavily pressured fish.

Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig
Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig

1/2oz Straight Up Jigs™ are sticky sharp. Their patterns mimic baitfish closer than any other vertical jigs available.