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Scaled Sardine Twitch
LiveTarget Scaled Sardine

Available as a twitchbait and wakebait, the Scaled Sardine's  3D life-like scale pattern is created by state-of-the-art precision tooling.

Spanish Mackerel 933
LiveTarget Spanish Mackerel

These intricately detailed lures are available in 4 sizes (110mm to 160mm) and feature a wide wobbling action to drive fish into aggressive assaults. 

Spanish Sardine 931
LiveTarget Spanish Sardine

Available in 105mm and 135mm, this fish catching machine features a tantalising wiggle and weight transfer system for long and accurate casts.

MR110 & DR120
Lucky Craft SKT Magnum

Big lures catch big fish - plain and simple. Ideally suited for casting or trolling for Cod and big Barra. 

Maria Duplex

Available in 65mm and 80mm, designed for super long casts and high speed retrieves, with excellent wobble and roll action.

Colour Chart
Maria Fla-Pen BlueRunner

115mm 38g sinking stickbait with a folding rear flap to give this unique lure more action.

Maria Loaded B24D
Maria Loaded

Available in 140mm (floating, sinking & level sinking) and 180mm (floating) wire-through body  and internal ribbing make these strong topwater lures ideal for GTs, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel and kingfish.

Maria Rapido
Maria Rapido F160 & F130

Rapido has an irregular rolling action and a unique swimming action that is effective even when conditions are tough. 160mm 50g Floating. 130mm 30g Floating.

GIG 115 profile
Palms GIG 100 & 115

Sinking stickbaits with excellent casting distance and appeal.