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Hybrid Shrimp profile
LiveTarget Hybrid Shrimp

This bait earned its name by merging a hard-lure with soft-lure attributes built into a single design.

Mullet Profiles
LiveTarget Mullet

Available in walking, twitch, wake and popper. Its the perfect mix of enticing action and incredible life-like detail.

EB-R in 0457
Lucky Craft EB-R

Available in 55mm, it is the perfect prawn imitation with a realistic shape and lifelike finish, suitable along the edges of weedbeds or flats.

180 & 200 profiles
Lucky Craft LL Pointer

The 180mm  model is a jointed sinking jerkbait with excellent swimming action and the 200mm model has excellent side-to-side slashing and gliding action.

Wander profile
Lucky Craft Wander 70

A natural swimming bait that moves just below the water surface, rolling its body as it goes. 70mm 6g

Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig
Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig

1/2oz Straight Up Jigs™ are sticky sharp. Their patterns mimic baitfish closer than any other vertical jigs available.

Blues Code II & Slim 125
Maria Blues Code

NEW! Blues Code II and Blues Code Slim. Long casting, sinking stickbaits fitted with Owner hooks.

Colour 01H
Maria Fla-Pen

A very unique lure with a folding rear flap which closes on the cast and opens on the retrieve. Available in 85mm & 115mm

Colour Chart
Maria Fla-Pen BlueRunner

115mm 38g sinking stickbait with a folding rear flap to give this unique lure more action.

Maria Loaded B24D
Maria Loaded

Available in 140mm (floating, sinking & level sinking) and 180mm (floating) wire-through body  and internal ribbing make these strong topwater lures ideal for GTs, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel and kingfish.

Maria Rapido
Maria Rapido F160 & F130

Rapido has an irregular rolling action and a unique swimming action that is effective even when conditions are tough. 160mm 50g Floating. 130mm 30g Floating.

Maria Rapido F230 & F190

New monster size for giant Kings, GT's & Spanish Mackeral.

230mm 100g Floating 230lb Oval split rings.

190mm 65g


Maria Rerise S130 Plug

 130mm Sinking 70gr

Search the deep area with Plug.

GIG 115 profile
Palms GIG 100 & 115

Sinking stickbaits with excellent casting distance and appeal.  

Palms Serras Pencil 170mm

 170mm 43g Floating

Tiemco Deruzze

This floating 55mm lure from Tiemco has a treble hanging low from the belly, allowing the lure to rock side to side from waves and wind. 

Stick and Pencil Minnow
Tiemco Stick Minnow

The iconic sinking stick minnow has a great reputation for catching bream when the going gets tough