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Baitball Crank Profiles
LiveTarget BaitBall Threadfin Shad

Squarebill: 60mm 1/2oz Floating Dives 3-4'

Crankbait: 65mm 5/8oz Floating Dives 10'

Gizzard Shad in colour 600
LiveTarget Gizzard Shad

The incredible life-like detail and action mimic one of the most prolific baitfish that BIG fish love to eat.

Lucky Craft Bevy Shad
Lucky Craft Bevy Shad

Available in 3 models and 3 sizes (50mm, 60mm, 75mm), it's designed to suspend perfectly with the nose down.

Lucky Craft Tango 45
Lucky Craft Bevy Shad Tango 45

Featuring glass rattles and flat sides which produce an irresistable wide wobbling action, this 45mm lure is deadly on bream, bass and trout.

Lucky Craft Chinu Shad 55

Heavy, deep diving, small profile jerkbait 55mm 5.7g Slow Floating Dives to 3m

809 Brownie
Lucky Craft Slim Shad D9

This 70mm shad offers great castability and produces extraordinary results in clear water, especially when the fish are not responding to any other fishing style.