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Baitball Crank Profiles
LiveTarget BaitBall Threadfin Shad

Squarebill: 60mm 1/2oz Floating Dives 3-4'

Crankbait: 65mm 5/8oz Floating Dives 10'

LiveTarget Bluegill Crank
LiveTarget Bluegill & Pumpkinseed Crank

Available in 2 sizes these match the hatch cranks are designed to mimic a fleeing baitfish. 

Crawfish Crank
LiveTarget Crawfish Crank

Available in 3 diving depths, it mimics the exact movement of a crawfish to tempt gamefish with a meal they can't resist.

Lucky Craft Tango 45
Lucky Craft Bevy Shad Tango 45

Featuring glass rattles and flat sides which produce an irresistable wide wobbling action, this 45mm lure is deadly on bream, bass and trout.

Lucky Craft Cra-Pea
Lucky Craft Cra-Pea

Available in standard (4 diving depths) and flat (3 diving depths) models, this 38mm lure features a short square bib for a wide wobbling action and maximum water deflection.

Flat CB in aurora gold
Lucky Craft Flat CB

Available in D-12 (dives to 12ft) and D-20 (dives to 20ft). New AU D-20 fitted with Decoy W-77 trebles.

MR110 & DR120
Lucky Craft SKT Magnum

Big lures catch big fish - plain and simple. Ideally suited for casting or trolling for Cod and big Barra. 

Lucky Craft SKT MR 105
Lucky Craft SKT MR 105

Designed by Bassmaster 2009 Classic winner and 2007 Elite Series Angler of the Year Skeet Reese, this bait is built to produce.