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'0' Ring model
Dr.Slick Clip-On Reel

Available with a '0', '8' or 'D' ring, the clip-on reel will keep your gadgets accessible and provide portability from bag to vest.

Offset Blade model in Black Finish
Dr.Slick Nipper

Available in 2 finishes in a straight or slanted blade face, this is an essential fly tying tool for your vest or bag.

Dr.Slick Nipper with Knot Tyer
Dr.Slick Nipper with Knot Tyer

Available in 2 finishes, this is an essential fly tying tool with an easy to use nail knot tube attached.

Swivel Ring model
Dr.Slick Pin-On Reel

Available with a swivel, '0' or '8' ring, this reel is a must for every angler's vest or pack to keep gadgets easily accessible.

Dr.Slick Reel & Nipper Combo
Dr.Slick Reel & Nipper Combo

The most popular combos of this essential addition to your vest or lanyard - choose from 6 reels and 6 nippers.