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H2O Angel Silk

A smooth, velvet soft fibre blended with fine strands of ‘angel hair’, it moves like marabou in the water.

H2O Deadly Dazzle

This is a fusion of H2O's extremely  popular Mirror Image fibre blended together with Super UV  Flash.

H2O Fish Scale

H2O's revolutionary baitfish fibre has an unbelievable realistic scale finish when emerged in water.

H2O Micro Fibre

 Great tail or wing fibre

H2O Mirror Image

This ghosty cotton candy type fibre gives bulk and shape while retaining natural translucency. 

H2O Polar Fibre

This is super soft, pre-tapered synthetic fur.

H2O Sculpting Fibre

 A versitile material used in numerous fly tying applications.

H2O Sculpting Fibre + UV Flash

Give your imitations the edge by using this realistic Flash Fibre

H2O Slinky Blend

A unique combination of Slinky Fibre colours to more accurately match many popular baitfish.

H2O Slinky Fibre

A great substitute for bucktail, it's most durable and will last longer than natural materials. Perfect for toothy fish.

H2O Steve Farrar SF Blend

A perfect blend of Slinky Fibre with a fine mylar flash, it's unique in that it's already tapered.