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Perfect Poppers Bodies - Soft Foam

Soft foam popper bodies, light weight, soft and durable.

Perfect Poppers Hard Foam

White popper bodies,10 Poppers and hooks per pack.  

Wapsi Fly Foam

This closed cell Fly Foam is ideal for terrestrial imitations.

Wapsi Foam Cylinders

The perfect density foam for shaping popper bodies, they're over one inch long and can be coloured with markers.


Wapsi Foam Parachute Posts

Designed for the post on parachute flies, the soft white foam ties easily and can be coloured.

Wapsi Gummi Body

Use this paper-lined, clear, flexible, sticky body material to create realistic baitfish patterns.

Wapsi Gummi Flash Foil

Gummi Flash Foil is a transfer foil that can be used on any adhesive surface.

Wapsi Loco Foam
Wapsi Loco Foam

Available in 3 models, the metallic or pearlescent coating gives an element of flash to your fly.


Wapsi Thin Fly Foam

At 2mm thick, it's supple and elastic enough for the smallest fly patterns and perfect for terrestrials.

Wapsi Wild Wild Foam

As versatile as flat foam, use it to add fish catching highlights to your fly.