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 Krystal Flesh by H2O is specifically made to tie life-like imitations of various baitfish.

H2O Fish Scale

H2O's revolutionary baitfish fibre has an unbelievable realistic scale finish when emerged in water.

H2O Flash'N Slinky

The perfect blend of Slinky Fibre and Gliss'n Glow, it has just the right amount of shimmer and refraction.

H2O Flekta Flash

Use this crinkle type sparkle flash, entwined with nylon filament, as a flash or on its own.


 Perfect for candy's, baitfish and minnow patterns.

H2O Fluro Fibre

Make any fly 'light up' in the water. 

H2O Gliss'N Glow

An iridescent flash that attracts like no other.

H2O Grizzly Fibre

This perfectly barred synthetic grizzly fibre will help you create strikingly realistic baitfish patterns

H2O Mega Flash

Mega Flash Blend is the answer for large predator and off shore flies.

H2O Pearl Krystal Flash

Pearl fluorescent colours packaged in a 2g cable tied package.

H2O Polar Fibre

This is super soft, pre-tapered synthetic fur.

H2O Steve Farrar SF Blend

A perfect blend of Slinky Fibre with a fine mylar flash, it's unique in that it's already tapered.

H2O Super UV Flash

Ideal material for the bellies on baitfish patterns or generally enhancing the effectiveness of any fly. 

Krystal Flash

 Krystal Flash is a great flashy fibre material.


 2x Wider, 2x Longer, 2x Stronger.

Wapsi Firefly Fibre

Wapsi Firefly has a uniquely crimped surface to catch and reflect light.

Wapsi Flashabou 10" Long 1/69" Wide

Very popular as wing and skirt material, Wapsi's original Flashabou is a thin flexible tinsel with marabou-like action. 

Wapsi Flashabou Accent

Made of spiralled mylar strands, the twist creates optical colour illusions and great light reflections.

Wapsi Flashabou Glow 10" Long

Its incredible optical colour illusions are perfect for low light conditions and night fishing.

Wapsi Flashabou Lateral Scale 10" Long

This saltwater sized Flashabou® horizontally crimped adds a lot of flash to big flies when used as a lateral line.