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H2O Fuzzy Bug

A soft, fuzzy micro yarn with many applications.

Wapsi Fluro Nylon Chenille

Fluorescent Nylon Chenille is made of nylon and available in most popular colours.

Wapsi Holographic Chenille

Strong dense chenille,  made of holographic mylar.

Wapsi Ice Chenille Medium

Ice Chenille is a translucent chenille.

Wapsi Palmer Chenille Medium & Large

 Palmer Chenille is pearlescent and one-sided.

Wapsi Pearl Chenille Medium, Small & Extra Small

Dense chenille, made of Pearl Mylar.  A great way to add flash.

Wapsi Rayon Chenille Medium

This is Danville's original Rayon Chenille.

Wapsi Tinsel Chenille Medium

Made of Flashabou®-like material.

Wapsi Ultra Chenille Standard

Denser and more uniform than standard chenille.

Wapsi Varigated Chenille

You will love the alternating bands of colour.

Wapsi Woolly Bugger Chenille

Made from Antron, the most popular material in the world for carpets, it's ideal for tying Woolly Buggers.