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Wapsi Bronze Mallard

Bronze Mallard is used for dry fly wings, nymph legs, wing cases, tails....  

Wapsi CDC

C.D.C. is used for emerger and dry fly patterns.

Wapsi CDC Puffs

C.D.C Puffs are more soft and supple than regular C.D.C.

Wapsi Goose Biots

Goose biots are useful for bodies on spinners, midges, small dry flies, emergers and nymphs.

Wapsi Mallard Barred Flank

Mallard Barred Flank is used for legs, throats, tails, wings and wing cases on nymphs, wets and dries.

Wapsi Wing Quills

Goose, Duck and Turkey quills are used for wings and tails.