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Dr.Slick Clip-On Reel

'0' Ring model
'8' Ring model
'D' Ring model
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A must for every angler's vest or pack. These handy retractors keep all your gadgets easily accessible. 

They all feature tough steel cords with a 20" draw, except the 'D' ring model which features a nylon cord and a 28" draw.

Being a clip-on (as opposed to pin-on) reel, they have the advantage of portability from bag to vest. 

Steel cord retractors are best suited for light accessories, like nippers, files and floatants whereas the RPD is better for heavier items like clamps and fly boxes, use the 'D' ring model.

Models: '0' Ring, '8' Ring, 'D' Ring

Draw: 20" (except 28" D ring)