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Carded Fly Tying Tool Kit

 Carded fly tying tool kit, an ideal starter kit.

Chaos Knife Jig in chartreuse silver
Chaos Knife Jigs

Designed by Australian anglers for our pelagic fish these good value jigs have a great sliding action. 


Clear 6, 9 and 12 Compartment Fly Boxes

 Dry flies, Streamers or Nymph fly boxes.

Hawaiian Snaps

Unique scissor action, snap opens with finger pressure.

Large Clear Salt Water & Storage Fly Boxes

Ultra clear Slit Foam Salt Water fly boxes.


Superior to bubble-type models, this live bait aerator provides a much more effective oxygenation which keeps the bait alive longer.

Mucilin A5 & A4

Mucilin Hourglass Liquid Silicone

Mucilin Floatant Green & Red

Line & Leader Floatant

Mucilin Quick Sink & Line Cleaner

Quick Sink & Fly Line Cleaner

No-Knot Eyelets

No-Knot Eyelet is a small barbed eyelet for leader connection.

No-Knot Fast Snaps

Excellent for changing lures or jig heads quickly. Very strong, made of spring steel.

Pacer Z Poxy

Z-Poxy is the very best two-part epoxy. Easy to mix, and cures in just 5 minutes.

Pearl and Prism Tape Packs

Pearl & Prism adhesive lure tape, available in 6 colours.

Silicone Triangular Slit Foam Fly Box

Silicone Triangular Slit Foam Fly Box

Slit Foam Clear Fly Boxes

 77, 108 and 168 slit foam clear fly boxes.


Thick and strong.

Soft Luminous Beads

 Green and Pink, four sizes.

Stainless Steel Crimping Plier

8" stainless steel Crimping plier.

Stainless Steel Long Nose Pliers

S/S 6" and 8" models with either a straight or bent nose.

Stainless Steel Mono Cutters

5" Mono Cutters stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Multi Purpose Plier

10" Stainless Steel multi purpose plier.

Stainless Steel Split Ring Pliers

6" split ring pliers - various.

Stainless Steel Split Rings

There are 12 sizes available in the Standard split rings and and 4 sizes in the Heavy Duty split rings.

Thin Fly/Hook box with Magnetic Backing
Thin Fly/Hook box with Magnetic Backing

Thin fly or hook box with magnetic backing.

Todd AA Fly Vice

 AA Fly Vice

Todd Angler Fly Vice

 Angler Fly Vice

Todd Beadhead Flies

Bead head flies for freshwater use.

SIlver BMS (20299)
Todd BMS Strand Flies

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Deer Hair Bread Fly (20300)
Todd Bread Flies

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Teton Caddis Flies
Todd Caddis Flies

Individually hand tied on Daiichi hooks, they imitate the caddisfly insect and are available in 15 patterns in sizes 10 to 18.

Brown CDC Emerger (200196)
Todd CDC Flies

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Todd CHL Foam Stick Floats

Spring stick float. 2 per packet.

Todd Deluxe Master Vice

 Deluxe Master Vice

Teton Dry Flies 4/4
Todd Dry Flies

These flies are individually hand tied on Daiichi hooks and are available in over 100 patterns from sizes 8 to 20.

Todd Explorer Jigs

Explorer jigs designed for slow jigging, light jigging and shore jigging

Sizes: 30, 40, 60, 80 100gr.

Todd Float Stoppers

 Silicone and Rubber with beads

Todd Fly King Vice

 Fly King Vice

Todd Foam Pear Floats

Slip floats weighted, slotted and un-weighted made from high density foam. (3 per packet)

Knobby Hopper (20102)
Todd Hopper Flies

Sold in a box of 12 flies 

Todd Ignition Metal Slugs

Metal slugs are one of those must have lures for saltwater fishing



Olive Matuka (20205)
Todd Matuka Flies

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Nelson Brown (20116)
Todd Nymph Flies

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Todd Oval & Round Foam Floats

High density foam floats. 3 per packet.

Todd PHL Foam Stick Floats

Spring stick float. 2 per packet.

Todd Regent Fly Vice

 Regent Fly Vice

Todd Saltwater Fly Tying Kit

 Saltwater beginners kit.

Alexandra (20220)
Todd Streamer Flies

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Todd Tapered Leader

This twin pack of  tapered leaders is made from quality materials and features a knotless tapering line.

Black & Purple
Todd Vampire Bass Flies

Vampire Bass flies available in 4 colours.

Weed fly
Todd Weed Fly

A popular alternative to real weed. Todd weed flies are available in Green, Brown, Olive and Chartreuse in size 6, 8, 10.

Todd Weighted Oval Floats

Weighted oval foam floats. Two floats per pack.

Wet Orange Partridge (20149)
Todd Wet Flies

Sold in a box of 12 flies

Waterproof Fly Boxes

Three models of waterproof boxes made from strong ABS plastic. 


X-Factor Pro Series 4" Fly Boxes

X-Factor fly 4" boxes, 6 models

X-Factor Pro Series 6" Fly Boxes

X-Factor Pro Series Tri Slit foam 6" fly boxes, 3 models


This is thick powerful, but flexible glue that bonds virtually everything.

ZAP-A-GAP Green & Pink Label

ZAP A GAP  - Green & Pink Label  is the best selling instant glue in the world.