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N.S Black Hole

AMPED 11 Travel Rods

 4 Piece Spin & Cast Rods.

N.S Air Rockfish Rods
N.S Air Rockfish Rods

These spin rods feature the ultimate in finesse blanks, providing extra fast action and amazing sensitivity, and are fitted with Fuji Titanium SIC guides.

N.S Amped II Rods

A large range of quality spin and cast rods designed for Australia. Starting at $150 retail.
2018 build upgrade!

N.S Amped Light Jigging Rods

Light jigging rods designed in Australia for jigging metals.

Amped Offshore
N.S Amped Offshore Rods

Quality stickbait and jigging rods built exclusively for Australia

Amped Slow Jigging
N.S Amped Slow Pitch Rods

2017 NEW! Slow pitch jigging rods 6'3" PE:1-3 & PE:2-4

N.S AMPED Swimbait Rods

NS Swimbait Rods - Two models 12-20lb & 20-40lb

N.S Avenger Rods

3 Spin and 7 Cast models featuring Fuji K guides and reel seat with the cork and eva grips. 

N.S Black Hole Tournament Shirts
N.S Black Hole Tournament Shirts

Performance fishing polo, designed to keep you cool and protected from the sun.

N.S Black Water Egi Rods
N.S Black Water Egi Rods

2017 build upgrade. Designed specifically for squid fishing, they offer excellent casting distance, sensitivity and durability in a high modulus 2 piece blank. 7', 7'6", 8'3" & 9'.

N.S BOCA 'S' Rods

NEW! Available in Jigging, Slow Pitch Jigging, Popping and Light Popping! The ultimate rods for pelagic fishing!


NEW! BOCA = Big One Challenge Above. A series of premium Popping, Jigging & Slow Jigging rods which feature the latest in rod blank development with 8-axis carbon and NANO carbon cloth. Truly amazing rods!

N.S Cabin II Rods
N.S Cabin II Rods

Available in 6 spin rods the Cabin II series feature Fuji K Series guides, Fuji VSS reel seats, 2 piece blanks and EVA grips. Designed for casting distance, sensitivity and power.

N.S Dark Horse Bass Rods

Highly sensitive blanks with great casting power an fish fighting control. Available in spin and cast rods designed for Bass! 

N.S Dark Horse Egi Rods

3 spin rods designed for squid fishing featuring Fuji K guides, custom split grip handles, 2 piece crisp well balanced blanks. 

N.S Dark Horse Light Game Rods
N.S Dark Horse Light Game Rods

2 models of jigging rods designed for slow jigging and rubber jigging (ocky jigs)

N.S Dark Horse Popping Rods

 Casting stickbaits, poppers and metals at tuna and pelagic's has never been so much fun. Available in 2 spin rods PE:3-6

N.S Dark Horse Seabass Rod

Powerful 9'6" spin rod, ideal for throwing metals off the rocks for salmon and tailor.

N.S Dark Horse SSOGARI Trout Rods
N.S Dark Horse SSOGARI Trout Rods

Ultralight 2-piece rods designed specifically for trout fishing where finesse and accuracy are essential.

N.S Deeper VIP II Rods
N.S Deeper VIP II Rods

Available in 3 spin rods these rods feature Fuji K series guides, Fuji VSS reel seat, AAA grade cork handles, feather light 2 piece blanks and fast actions.

N.S Explorer Light Jigging
N.S Explorer Light Jigging Rods

Available in PE1, PE2, PE3 and PE5 they feature Fuji tangle free guides with larger tip tops for heavier leaders.

N.S Flat Caps

Premium quality N.S flat peak hats



N.S Kraken EGI Rods
N.S Kraken Egi Rods

Designed specifically for squid fishing these 2 piece rods feature Fuji K series guides, Fuji VSS reel seats, D-Joint technology and the best blanks available for casting and retrieving squid jigs.

Magic Eye
N.S Magic Eye Rods

Shore jigging and popping rods designed with powerful yet crisp blanks, Fuji K Guides and Fuji reel seats.

N.S Magic Eye Torque Rods
N.S Magic Eye Torque Rods

Fitted with Fuji K series SIC guides, split grips and powerful thin profile blanks. Two popping rods and two  jig rods that will surprise you with their incredible fish fighting ability.

N.S Medusa Rods

Advanced lightweight blank and top of the line components make the Medusa a rod worthy of any tournament angler!

N.S ONE'S Micro Poster
N.S One's Micro Rods

Available in spin and cast rods, featuring superb crisp blanks and the latest rod builds, they offer affordable high performance with the portability of a 2 piece blank.

N.S One's Rod
N.S One's Rods

These spin and cast rods feature tangle free Fuji K Series guides, split grip cork handles, custom spin and cast reel seats with light and sensitive blanks. 

Pioneer Black Jack
N.S Pioneer Black Jack Rods

Nano blank with plenty of power to cast poppers and stickbaits for Tuna and GT. Fuji SIC guides.

Pioneer Sea Fork Poster
N.S Pioneer Sea Fork Jigging Rods

Nano blank with Fuji componentry. Superior quality jigging rods available in PE5 and PE9

N.S Pioneer Slow Jigging
N.S Pioneer Slow Jigging Rods

Incredibly thin profile blanks with unbeliveable power. Designed for jigging slow fall / leaf jigs like the HOTS Conker.

N.S Rods KN

The RODS KN series offer head turning looks at a very competitive price. With 7 spin rods available ranging from 6 foot to 9 foot

N.S Sea Rods KN (2 Top)

Available in 3 different spin rods, all come with 2 different tip sections one is light and ideal for throwing small lures while the other is more powerful and ideal for squid fishing or throwing heavier lures.

N.S SG-KR Rods

Finesse trout is the name of the game with the SG KR series. 

N.S Silk Rod Nano poster
N.S Silk Rod Nano Rods

Featuring Fuji KR concept guides and nano blanks these spin and cast rods offer the ultimate in strength, weight reduction and sensitivity.  

N.S Sprite Rods

Crisp fast action blanks with excellent sensitivity and fighting performance. Ideal for bream, trout and light estuary fishing.

N.S Streamline RE

NS streamline RE - Light trout rods.

N.S Superior XT Rods
N.S Superior XT Rods

Featuring SIC guides, EVA split grip handles and 2 piece blanks, this series includes a telescopic rod and offers exceptional performance and durability.


 Uses high-elasticity carbon and fibre glass.