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Flymaster Plus 210D 100yd Waxed

A twisted nylon for heavy hair work and large flies.

Hourglass Eyes

These plated brass barbell eyes are the quickest way to add weight and action to any pattern.


 2x Wider, 2x Longer, 2x Stronger.

Perfect Poppers Bodies - Soft Foam

Soft foam popper bodies, light weight, soft and durable.

Perfect Poppers Hard Foam

White popper bodies,10 Poppers and hooks per pack.  

Round Barred Rubber Legs

 Add lifelike action  and barring to your patterns.

Round Rubber Legs

Very popular legs for bass bugs, crabs and poppers.

Sili Legs

Made of silicone, Sili Legs have a translucency and flexibility that is unmatched by conventional rubber legs.

Soft Milking Eggs

Popular soft plastic eggs and coloured to match the real thing

Spiderweb Thread 30 Denier

Finest thread around. Ties flat, no build.

Wapsi 1/8" 1/4" Magnum; 3/8" Zonker Strips

Zonker strips available in two sizes :- 1/8", 1/4" Magnum and 3/8" Texas Cut.

Wapsi 4 Strand Floss

Use 4 Strand Floss to build up floss bodies on wet flies, humpies and streamers.

Wapsi Barred Rabbit Zonkers 1/8" & 1/4" Magnum Cut

Beautifully soft tanned rabbit strips expertly cut to meet specific tying needs.

Wapsi Bead Chain Eyes

Bead Chain Eyes are very popular for streamers and saltwater flies.

Wapsi Blood Quill Marabou, Strung Marabou.

This feather is a great all around marabou for trout, bass and saltwater flies.

Wapsi Bronze Mallard

Bronze Mallard is used for dry fly wings, nymph legs, wing cases, tails....  

Wapsi Bucktail

The most popular streamer material available, it has been meticulously processed and is of the finest quality.

Wapsi Calf tail

Used in freshwater tying for hair wings, this clean, crinkly, natural hair is now beginning to show up in saltwater flies.

Wapsi CDC

C.D.C. is used for emerger and dry fly patterns.

Wapsi CDC Puffs

C.D.C Puffs are more soft and supple than regular C.D.C.

Wapsi Combo Hair & Tail Packs

Hair and Tail combo packs.

Wapsi Cone Heads

Get your flies down deep, fast by adding brass cone heads to them.

Wapsi Cross Cuts 1/8"

 Rabbit Cross Cuts 1/8"

Wapsi Cyclops Beads

Made of brass, Wapsi's Cyclops Beads are expertly polished and drilled especially to be used on flies.

Wapsi Deceiver Hackle

These are good for streamers, wets, bass and saltwater flies, and great for wooly buggers.

Wapsi Deer Belly Hair

Deer belly hair, bright solid colours, great for bass bugs, not tanned.

Wapsi Deer Body Hair

Deer body hair, hand selected by experts for ease of spinning, soft tanned.

Wapsi Dolls Eyes

Doll Eyes are a coloured plastic eye with a moveable, audible black pupil.

Wapsi Dubbing Fur

Dubbing fur, beautiful 100% fur patches.

Wapsi Dumbell Lead Eyes

A widely used fly tying material, especially in many innovative fly patterns such as Bob Clouser's Swimming Minnow.

Wapsi Egg Yarn

Soft and fluffy Egg Yarn is used for egg fly patterns.

Wapsi Elk Body Hair

Elk Body Hair, a must have material for flies such as Elk Hair Caddis.

Wapsi Elk Rump

Elk rump has the longest length and largest diameter hair, perfect for popper bodies.

Wapsi Firefly Fibre

Wapsi Firefly has a uniquely crimped surface to catch and reflect light.

Wapsi Flashabou 10" Long 1/69" Wide

Very popular as wing and skirt material, Wapsi's original Flashabou is a thin flexible tinsel with marabou-like action. 

Wapsi Flashabou Accent

Made of spiralled mylar strands, the twist creates optical colour illusions and great light reflections.

Wapsi Flashabou Glow 10" Long

Its incredible optical colour illusions are perfect for low light conditions and night fishing.

Wapsi Flashabou Lateral Scale 10" Long

This saltwater sized Flashabou® horizontally crimped adds a lot of flash to big flies when used as a lateral line. 

Wapsi Flashabou Mirage 10" Long

Its colour shifting technology means the fibres actually change colour with its surroundings, much like real minnows.

Wapsi Flashabou Saltwater 10" Long

This saltwater model is wider than the original Flashabou to fit the needs of the saltwater tyer.

Wapsi Flashabou Speckled 10" Long

Wapsi Flashabou Speckled uses the same base colour as tradional Flashabou® but with minute spots of black.

Wapsi Flat Waxed Thread

Good heavy 210 denier thread for hair work - ties flat, very strong, covers quickly.

Wapsi Flexi-Cord

Made of a light flexible nylon in a hollow braid, it's a must for unique saltwater patterns.

Wapsi Fluro Nylon Chenille

Fluorescent Nylon Chenille is made of nylon and available in most popular colours.

Wapsi Fly Foam

This closed cell Fly Foam is ideal for terrestrial imitations.

Wapsi Fly Head Cement

Head Cement is available in Water based & Gloss Coat.

Wapsi Fly Rattles

Made of tough laboratory glass, these rounded end rattles can be put in the belly of a zonker.

Wapsi Flymaster 6/0 Waxed Thread 70 Denier

Flymaster is a 70 denier (6/0) fine flat nylon filament thread with a heavy wax. Used for small flies only.

Wapsi Foam Cylinders

The perfect density foam for shaping popper bodies, they're over one inch long and can be coloured with markers.


Wapsi Foam Parachute Posts

Designed for the post on parachute flies, the soft white foam ties easily and can be coloured.

Wapsi Gloss Coat

A fast drying, acrylic resin based head cement that produces a durable, high gloss finish

Wapsi Golden Pheasant

Has many different feathers of bright, natural colours.

Wapsi Goose Biots

Goose biots are useful for bodies on spinners, midges, small dry flies, emergers and nymphs.

Wapsi Grizzly Accent

Two colors of mylar twisted together give the Grizzly Accent a variegated/grizzly look.

Wapsi Grizzly Marabou

The natural barring of the Grizzly Marabou looks great on wooly buggers and smaller flies. 

Wapsi Grizzly Matuka Hackle

This is the feather for hackling large trout, bass and saltwater flies when a softer, webbier feather is needed. 

Wapsi Gummi Body

Use this paper-lined, clear, flexible, sticky body material to create realistic baitfish patterns.

Wapsi Gummi Flash Foil

Gummi Flash Foil is a transfer foil that can be used on any adhesive surface.

Wapsi Hares Mask

This fur has been a standard in dubbing.

Wapsi Hologram Eyes

These 3D stick-on eyes with extra strong adhesive come on a special quick release liner for easy application. 

Wapsi Holographic Chenille

Strong dense chenille,  made of holographic mylar.

Wapsi Holographic Flashabou 10" Long

Wapsi's Holographic Flashabou is supple and available in 3D colours. 

Wapsi Holographic Mylar Cord

The brightest holographic available, its great for when you need serious flash on your fly.

Wapsi Hour Glass Tungsten Eyes

A great range of Tungsten eyes for those saltwater patterns.

Wapsi Ice Chenille Medium

Ice Chenille is a translucent chenille.

Wapsi Indian Dry Fly Rooster Necks

Although the feathers are not long, they are naturally dry with very stiff barbs.

Wapsi Indian Hen Necks

Hen Necks make great spent wings and parachute posts. Also, try them on your smallest soft hackles.

Wapsi Jar with Brush

This application jar with attached brush makes applying cement easier.

Wapsi Jungle Cock Eyes

Jungle Cock Imitation eyes are available 24 per package.

Wapsi Lady Amherst Pheasant Neck

Commonly used for salmon and steelhead flies.

Wapsi Lead Wire

Add weight to your nymphs to help get them down. 

Wapsi Loco Foam
Wapsi Loco Foam

Available in 3 models, the metallic or pearlescent coating gives an element of flash to your fly.


Wapsi Loose Neck Hackle

 Are an inexpensive assortment of premium dry fly hackle.

Wapsi Magnum Flashabou 20" Long

Wapsi's Magnum Flashabou offers the most popular colours of the original flashabou but in a wider and stronger cut.

Wapsi Mallard Barred Flank

Mallard Barred Flank is used for legs, throats, tails, wings and wing cases on nymphs, wets and dries.

Wapsi Micro Pine Zonkers

 Micro Pine Zonkers, extra thin strips of soft tanned pine squirrel. Excellent for mini zonkers, 2 ft per packet.

Wapsi Mini Marabou

Is ideal for smaller flies and jigs.

Wapsi Miniature Sparkle Braid

A smaller version of Wapsi's regular sparkle braid, it makes easy bright bodies and is great for ribbing. 

Wapsi Mirage Accent

Wapsi Mirage Accent is made in spiralled fashion and is the most reflective synthetic available.

Wapsi Mirage Cord

Create an iridescent, chameleon effect with this body material - ideal for creating lifelike zonkers and baitfish imitations.

Wapsi Mixed Hair

 Mixed hair.

Wapsi Mono Eyes

These tiny, lightweight, plastic nymph eyes are great on dragonfly nymphs and crawfish.


Wapsi Mylar Cord

This hollow braided Mylar Cord is ideal for spoon flies and baitfish imitations.

Wapsi Ostrich Herl

Ostrich Herl is very popular for gilled nymphs, tails, bodies, tentacles.

Wapsi Palmer Chenille Medium & Large

 Palmer Chenille is pearlescent and one-sided.

Wapsi Partridge Skin

These top quality Hungarian Partridge Skins have soft speckled hackle that are a must for nymph and soft hackle tyers.

Wapsi Peacock Feather

Peacock is a must have material.

Wapsi Pearl Chenille Medium, Small & Extra Small

Dense chenille, made of Pearl Mylar.  A great way to add flash.

Wapsi Pheasant Rump Hackle

Very popular strung rump hackle.

WAPSI Plastic Applicator Bottle

1/2oz with gasket liner.

Wapsi Polarflash 10" Long

With increased sparkle and flash, it's excellent for wings, tails, ribbing and body material.

Wapsi Premo Strips

Premo strips of the best spinning deer hair, soft tanned, approximately 15" x 2 1/2".

Wapsi Presentation Eyes

The symmetrical hour glass shape of these solid lead Presentation Eyes is self-centering and easy to tie.


Wapsi Rattle Eyes

Spool shaped Pyrex® Rattle Eyes can be used with hologram or stick on eyes. 


Wapsi Rayon Chenille Medium

This is Danville's original Rayon Chenille.

Wapsi Real Eyes

Use the recess diameter for stick on or hologram eyes with these Real-Eyes.


Wapsi Ringneck Pheasant Rump

Just the rump, still on the skin.

Wapsi Ringneck Pheasant Skins

You will get a great assortment of usable feathers.

Wapsi Ringneck Pheasant Tail Clump

Are excellent value for an essential fly tying material.

Wapsi Ringneck Pheasant Tail Feathers

One pair of tails, dyed in nymph colours.

Wapsi Rooster Saddles

Great for bass and saltwater flies.

Wapsi Schlappen Feathers

Popular in large saltwater flies, 1/8 oz.

Wapsi Select Marabou

Have the longest feathers available with long barbs and a heavy stems.

Wapsi Short & Fine Deer Hair

Short and Fine Deer Hair 

Wapsi Sow-Scud Back

Sow-Scud Back is very flexible and translucent and is great for scuds, midges, and shrimp.

Wapsi Spanflex

Spanflex has unbelievable stretch and returns to its original form - good for ribbing, tails, feelers, legs, and bodies.

Wapsi Sparkle Braid

Containing several strands of mylar knitted into a cordlike material, its the main ingredient for muddlers and many saltwater patterns. 

Wapsi Squirrel Tails

Use these naturally barred, hand selected prime Squirrel Tails for wings and tails.

Wapsi Starter Fly Tying Kit

 Tools and materials for tying Trout flies.

Wapsi Stick On Eyes

Very popular for saltwater baitfish imitations and freshwater streamers.

Wapsi Streamer Rooster Necks

Hackle is a standard staple in every fly tyer's box. 

Wapsi Strung Neck Hackle

Strung Neck Hackle are large, wide hackles, 3 to 5 inches long, and work great for streamers, bass and saltwater flies.

Wapsi Supreme Hair

Made of 11" long flexible crimped nylon, it's great for saltwater flies like surf candy and clousers. 

Wapsi Swiss Straw

A thin strawlike, water absorbent material, Swiss Straw is excellent for nymph wing cases, scuds, sowbugs, and crayfish. 

Wapsi Thin Fly Foam

At 2mm thick, it's supple and elastic enough for the smallest fly patterns and perfect for terrestrials.

Wapsi Thin Skin

An essential material for ribbing, nymph wing cases, scud shellbacks, and segmented abdomens on nymphs and pupae.

Wapsi Tinsel Chenille Medium

Made of Flashabou®-like material.

Wapsi Tungsten Beads

Use tungsten beads to sink even tiny flies down deep - they're twice as heavy as brass and even heavier than lead.

Wapsi Tungsten Tear Drop Beads

These are a great substitute for lead wire and make a nice body form for scuds and sowbugs.

Wapsi Ultra Chenille Standard

Denser and more uniform than standard chenille.

Wapsi Ultra GSP Thread

The strongest thread on the planet.

Wapsi Ultra Wire

Ultra wire for the hottest flies.

Wapsi Uni-Thread

Available in 3 strengths, the 3/0 is a multi-filament and the 6/0 and 8/0 are continuous polyester filaments.

Wapsi Unique Hair

Similar to supreme hair but with finer fibres for a softer feel, ideal for streamers.

Wapsi UTC Kevlar Thread

An ultra strong thread for heavy work such as tying eggs, and spinning and stacking deer and elk hair.

Wapsi UTC Monofilament Thread

A great choice for use in tying any fly pattern calling for monofilament material. 

Wapsi UTC Thread Wax

Designed for all nylon fly tying threads, it has a special light formula that prevents fraying and adds 'bite'.

Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread

A multifilament thread that's not bonded but has been carefully developed to enhance tying performance.

Wapsi Varigated Chenille

You will love the alternating bands of colour.

Wapsi Vinyl Round Rib

An essential material for ribbing, nymph wing cases, scud shellbacks, and segmented abdomens on nymphs and pupae.

Wapsi Wild Wild Foam

As versatile as flat foam, use it to add fish catching highlights to your fly.

Wapsi Wing Quills

Goose, Duck and Turkey quills are used for wings and tails.

Wapsi Woolly Bugger Chenille

Made from Antron, the most popular material in the world for carpets, it's ideal for tying Woolly Buggers.

Wapsi Woolly Bugger Marabou

This marabou is shorter and fuller than the Strung Marabou which is perfect for Woolly Buggers.

Zonker Lead Tape

 Self adhesive lead tape.