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150D Chest
Snowbee 150D Rip-Stop Nylon Chest & Thigh Waders


The 150 denier nylon material is lighter, tougher, more durable and more flexible than PVC, so offers the wearer greater protection and comfort.
Snowbee 6" Gutting & Bait Knife

Snowbee 6" Bait Knife, steel blade, rubber handle and nylon sheath


Snowbee 7" Fillet Knife

Snowbee 7" Fillet Knife forged in 420 grade Stainless Steel.

Snowbee 7" Prestige Fillet Knife

7” Prestige Filleting Knife, forged in 420 grade Stainless Steel.

Snowbee Base Layer Thermal Underwear

This top and bottom Base Layer thermal set is made from 55% cotton and 45% polyamide.  Available in both short sleeve and long sleeve sets.

Snowbee Braided Loop Connectors
Snowbee Braided Loop Connectors

The simple way to attach leaders to fly lines.

Snowbee Classic Breathable Jacket

The original lightweight breathable waterproof jacket. Team it up with  the breathable over-trousers.


Snowbee Classic Breathable Over-Trousers

100% waterproof, breathable, high waist style over trousers.

Snowbee Classic Fly Combo

Freshwater and Saltwater 

Snowbee Classic Neoprene Waders

Available in 2 chest models and a thigh model, this new 4mm double-lined range uses a new SCR material which is very soft with 60% more elasticity than CR grade. 

Snowbee Classic2 Large Arbor Fly Reels

Available in 4 sizes,moulded from glass fibre reinforced nylon to provide a lightweight, rigid frame, which is totally corrosion proof.

Snowbee Fingerless Sun Gloves

These SPF 50+ open palm sun gloves protect the back of your hands from the sun's harmful rays.

Snowbee Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader
Snowbee Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader

Combining the benefits of fluorocarbon with the convenience of tapered leaders. 

Snowbee Fly-Mate Vices

 Fly-Mate Fly Tying Vices.

Snowbee Geo Fly Vest

The Geo Fly Vest range offers quality, style and above all functionality.

Snowbee Granite PVC Waders

 Chest & Thigh waders Sizes 5-13.

Light Neoprene Gloves in Dark Green
Snowbee Light Neoprene Gloves Camo & L.Green

Available in dark green or camo, these gloves have extra grip so can stay on when fishing or shooting.


Snowbee Monofilament Tapered Leader
Snowbee Monofilament Tapered Leader

Top quality knotless tapered monofilament leader featuring a super strength, low diameter Copolymer Nylon material.

Snowbee Onyx Fly Reels

Available in 4 sizes, this range from Snowbee offers a new dimension in fly reel design and technology.

Snowbee Poly-Coated Leader
Snowbee Poly-Coated Leader

The smooth tapered Polymer coating over a supple monofilament core makes it an extension of your fly line.

Snowbee Prestige Soft Touch Breathable Waders

Available in four models with a new Soft Touch material, a new design and new cutting patterns, this range is quite simply the best breathable waders Snowbee has ever made.

Snowbee Ranger Breathable Waders
Snowbee Ranger Breathable Chest Waders, Stocking & Boot Foot.

Superb performance, coupled with outstanding value for money. Stocking foot sizes M to XXL with FB sizes available in M, L & XL, Booted 7-13.

Snowbee Saltwater Tapered Leader
Snowbee Saltwater Tapered Leader

Specialist monofilament leader with a heavier butt section to minimise hinge point when turning over large flies.

Chest ZIP & Chest
Snowbee SFT Breathable Chest Waders

Seamless Fusion Technology (SFT) uses Sonic-Welding to fuse the material together make the waders far lighter with no seam ridges to rub and chafe. 

Snowbee SFT Neoprene Gloves

Unlike traditional neoprene construction, the seams are welded together which results in an ultra thin, seamless, 100% waterproof product allowing you to feel everything.

Spectre Fly Reels
Snowbee Spectre Fly Reels


The new Spectre range is an ultra-lightweight, precision CNC machined aluminium reel at an amazing price! 

Snowbee Stream Trek Wading Boots

All the features the serious angler would hope to find in a top-quality wading boot. Size 8 to 13

Superlight Fishing Shirts
Snowbee Superlight Fishing Shirts


Fine weave, lightweight polycotton material, keeping you cool and comfortable, even in the temperature extremes of the tropics.

Snowbee Superlight Fly Fishing Vests

 A top quality vest at a reasonable price.

Sizes S to XXXXL.

Snowbee Superlight Mesh Vests

A lightweight vest in 2-tone Olive Green/Black.

Snowbee Tropics Intermediate Line

The new 'Nano Technology' coating material withstands the rigours of the saltwater environment

Snowbee Wader Boot Stud Socket

A simple socket for fitting Snowbee's wader studs.

Snowbee Wadermaster 420D Chest Wader
Snowbee Wadermaster 420D Chest Waders

They're not breathable and they're not lightweight - what they are is incredibly tough, durable and hardwearing.

Snowbee XS Clear Intermediate
Snowbee XS Clear Intermediate

Snowbee XS performance with virtual invisibility makes this versatile line deadly for all sub-surface fishing.

Snowbee XS Delicate Presentation
Snowbee XS Delicate Presentation

The long shallow front taper gives superb, controlled turn over and allows the most delicate presentation of dry flies.

Snowbee XS Double Taper
Snowbee XS Double Taper

XS performance in a Double Taper profile for the traditional angler where fly presentation is everything.

Snowbee XS Extreme Distance
Snowbee XS Extreme Distance

Another award winning fly line from Snowbee, this is surely one of the ultimate distance casting lines ever made. 

Snowbee XS Floating
Snowbee XS Floating

This Weight Forward line features a unique combination of ultra-low friction coating, balanced profile and outstanding shootability.

Snowbee XS Hi-Vis Floating
Snowbee XS Hi-Vis


By popular demand, the XS Floating line is available in a Hi-Viz Orange providing outstanding visibility.


XS Large Arbor in titanium
Snowbee XS Large Arbor Fly Reels

Available in 5 sizes and fitted with a powerful, silky smooth drag system, great for faster retrieves and less line memory.

Snowbee XS Neutral Density
Snowbee XS Neutral Density

This super slow, uniform sink rate is designed to ‘hang’ just sub surface, where some would say is the very best place to be.

Snowbee XS Sink Tip Intermediate
Snowbee XS Sink Tip Intermediate

The same superb casting performance as Snowbee's floating lines, without the hinging and ‘casting kick’ usually associated with sink tips. 

Snowbee Two Colour
Snowbee XS Two Colour

The best of Snowbee XS standard fly line design with a simple colour enhancement to help improve technique.

Snowbee XS-PLUS Countdown

120ft full sink lines with new Nano Coating Technology.

Snowbee XS-Plus Tropics Floating Presentation Line

The new Nano Technology coating material withstands the rigours of the saltwater environment.