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Aquaseal 1/4oz 2 Pack

 Fixes all types of waders and boots.

Hundreds of outdoor and household uses.

GA Tanacious Tape Flex Patches

Tenacious Tape Max repairs rips, tears and holes in waders and fabrics.

GA Tenacious Tape 3" x 20"

Tenacious Tape by Gear Aid is an all-purpose, weatherproof repair tape that fixes rips, holes and gashes in almost all of your outdoor gear. 

Aquaseal 3/4oz tube
McNett Aquaseal 3/4oz tube

Fixes all types of waders and boots. Hundreds of outdoor and household uses.

Aquaseal + Cotol Pack
McNett Aquaseal Combo

For a fast cure, use Aquaseal with Cotol-240 Cure Accelerator.

McNett Aquaseal UV Cure 1/4oz

 Aquaseal UV cure - activated by the sunlight for ultra fast curing.

Aquaseal Patch Kit
McNett Aquaseal Wader Repair Kit

Ideal "take along" repair kit for quick repairs to waders in the field

Pacer Z Poxy

Z-Poxy is the very best two-part epoxy. Easy to mix, and cures in just 5 minutes.


Thick and strong.

Solarez Ultra-Thin Formula

Cures 'bone dry' to a clear, hard, glossy finish in under 10 seconds. Available in a 14g bottle with applicator brush.

Solarez UV-Resin Flex Formula

Available in a 5g tube or 2oz bottle this UV cure means no more mixing 2-part epoxies and no more wasting precious fishing time waiting for messy epoxies to set-up when you are tying your flies.

Solarez UV-Resin Thick Hard Glow

This thick, hard glow in the dark formula is tack free and glows intensely at night.

Solarez UV-Resin Thick-Hard Formula

No more mixing 2-part epoxies. Available in either a 5g tube or 2oz bottle, this resin cures in seconds and is tack free.

Solarez UV-Resin Thin-Hard Formula

Available in a 5g tube or 2oz bottle, it's tack free and cures in seconds.

Wapsi Fly Head Cement

Head Cement is available in Water based & Gloss Coat.

Wapsi Gloss Coat

A fast drying, acrylic resin based head cement that produces a durable, high gloss finish

Wapsi Jar with Brush

This application jar with attached brush makes applying cement easier.


This is thick powerful, but flexible glue that bonds virtually everything.

ZAP-A-GAP Green & Pink Label

ZAP A GAP  - Green & Pink Label  is the best selling instant glue in the world.