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Vanfook CT-80

Treble hooks that have extra strong wire and sharp and durable hook points.

Vanfook DT-35 Treble, Light Wire Hook

Available in sizes 6-14 featuring Vanfook black finish trebles, light wire and a standard shank.

Vanfook DT-45W

The DT-45W saltwater hooks are extremely sharp and strong for their size

Vanfook DT-55 Treble

 Black Finish, Sizes 2-12.

Vanfook DW-31 Doubles

Available in sizes 1-12 these black finish hooks, are constructed from double standard wire and are very sharp.

Vanfook Feathered Trebles

Available in sizes 5, 6 and 8, this replacement tail treble hook has tail like feathers to give your lure the extra edge.

Vanfook Open Trebles OT-36

Vanfook open treble, Silver finish