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N.S Cabin II Rods

N.S Cabin II Rods
N.S Cabin II Rods
N.S Cabin II Rods
N.S Cabin II Rods
N.S Cabin II Rods
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The Cabin II 962 MONSTER features Fuji K Series guides, Fuji VSS reel seat, 2 piece blank and EVA grips. Designed for casting distance with excellent sensitivity this rod is ideal for throwing metals or stickbaits off the rocks or soft plastics in the surf. 







Line Class

Lure Weight








PE 2.0-5.0




Made in Korea

Cabin II S-962 MONSTER 

Reviewed By: Sammy Hitzke


When I first received my NS Black Hole Cabin II S-962 Monster I must admit I was quite skeptical, how could a 9'6" rod, with a lure weight rating from 30-100g, perform any better then my current 11ft, 20-60g lure weight surf spin rod, casting lures from the rocks and beach. In my head I was picturing a stiff broomstick that would struggle casting anything less then a 60g slug, let alone lighter 'not so aerodynamic' minnows and stickbaits. As it turned out this assumption could not have been further from the truth, as the 962 Monster left jaws dropping as it breezed through the many tests I put it through on a trip to northern NSW.


From the outset the first thing that grabs your attention about the monster is the finish. The gun-metal grey blank in combination with the black and silver binding creates a slick and somewhat classy finish, that paired with the shaped black EVA grips produces a very visually attractive rod. But, it isn't all just looks for this bad boy, with FUJI K-guides running the entire length of the rod for minimal friction in the cast and the EVA grips designed for anglers comfort, making long casting sessions a piece of cake. Not to mention the fact the rod itself is super light weight which again lends itself to being used for long periods of time.


Where the Monster 962 really shines however, is during the cast. The high modulus graphite construction is the perfect combination of med fast taper which allows the rod to fully load on the cast and send your lure into orbit. I was casting lures from 60g metal slugs, right down to unweighted garfish on 25lb braid and was easily out casting every other outfit on the rocks, not to mention even my own 11ft setup with 10lb braid! While the taper allows one hell of a cast, it's also light enough in the tip to help absorb the hook removing head-shakes from even the most angry chopper tailor, but still packs the power in the butt section to lift fish with ease once the fight has reached the final stages.  


Overall the NS Black Hole Cabin II 962 Monster is an impressively dynamic and extremely versatile rod, that has well and truly earned its place in any beach or rock fisherman's rod rack. Its ability to adapt to such a wide variety of fishing situations is un-matched by any other rod on the market in it's price range and will be the first rod I strap a reel too on my next beach or rock session.


Written / Reviewed By : Sammy Hitzke