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Yamashita Golden Bait Skirts (small)

Colour Chart
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A longtime favourite and closely held secret of experienced Pacific Tuna fishermen. Yamashita's Golden Bait Octopus skirts are used for catching bonito for live baiting or finicky 50lb Yellowfin. T these are the skirts of choice for the small sized lures often used in today's fisheries.



1. Green Glow YAKO

2. Blue / Clear

3. Clear

4. Aurora Pink Glow YAKO

5. Clear / Blue / Pink

6. White Fleck

7. White Fleck Aurora

8. Rainbow Glitter

9. Green Glow with Red Line & Blue Stripes

10. UV Clear Pink with Orange Lines

11. White with Glow Lines


Sizes: 1.5 (45mm)  2 (60mm)  2.5 (75mm)  3.5 (105mm)  4.0 (120mm)  4.5 (135mm)

Not all colours are available in all sizes.

5 skirts per pack

Made in Japan