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Chaos Knife Jig in chartreuse silver
Chaos Knife Jigs

Designed by Australian anglers for our pelagic fish these good value jigs have a great sliding action. 


Maria Little Bit profile
Maria Little Bit

These light and compact lures feature a unique holographic prism on one side and a flat hologram on the other. 3g & 5g

Maria Metal Flicker colour chart
Maria Metal Flicker Jigs

Designed specifically for medium to light jigging, these new generation baits make excellent snapper, kingfish and trevally jigs.

Maria Mucho Lucir AH

The ultimate casting metals. Centre balanced, bottom weighted 18g to 60g. 

Maria Shore Blue EX
Maria Shore Blue EX

Centre balanced jig with different hologram effects top and bottom.

Shore Tricker colour 02H
Maria Shore Tricker

Maria Shore Tricker is fitted with twin assist hooks and is available in 25g, 35g & 45g.

Maria Spin Shiner in BLH
Maria Spin Shiner

Irresistable to bass this tail spinner has a slim body, low centre of gravity and Owner hooks.

Palms Bogie Walk Smelt

Centre balanced body ideal for jigging and casting.

Palms Brote

30 gram, 50mm swimming rubber jig, available in 5 colours.

Slow Blatt Cast profiles
Palms Slow Blatt Cast


Slim, wide, oval & long light jigging metals rigged with twin Decoy front assist hooks and single rear assist hook. 10g to 60g

Palms Slow Blatt Long

Long profile slow jigging metals. The center balanced, long body hops and slides in a wide side to side action. 60g to 300g

Slow Blatt profiles
Palms Slow Blatt S & R

Specially designed for slow jigging. Available in S or R type from 100g to 500g

Todd Explorer Jigs

Explorer jigs designed for slow jigging, light jigging and shore jigging

Todd Ignition Metal Slugs

Metal slugs are one of those must have lures for saltwater fishing



Yamashita Taikabura

Snapper jig with silicone skirt and quick interchangeable head system.