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Cicada II Bass Tune
Cicada II Bass Tune - Tiemco

Cicada II Bass Tune - 35mm 4g floating. Hardbody with 3 trebles.

Cicada Jumbo - Tiemco

Topwater bait imitates a bug struggling on the water surface

Cicada Magnum Bass Tune
Cicada Magnum Bass Tune - Tiemco

Cicada Magnum Bass Tune - 45mm 6gr Floating.

Trick Trout Tiny Cicada
Cicada Trick Trout Tiny - Tiemco

Trick Trout Tiny Cicada features folding wings, silent hard body construction and two trebles

Tiemco Cover Bug
Cover Bug - Tiemco

 60mm 9g Floating. Soft foam body with rubber legs and weedless single hook at the rear. 

Baitball Glass Minnow
LiveTarget Baitball Glass Minnow

The revolutionary Baitball series is available in a Glass Minnow as either a Popper (65mm, 75mm) or Jerkbait (110mm, 120mm).

Frog Hollow Body in colour 500
LiveTarget Frog Hollow Body

Winner of ICAST 2010 best of show soft lure! Available in 3 sizes with anatomical accuracy and detailed colour patterns, it's ideal in heavy cover.

LiveTarget Frog Popper

The life-like details of this frog, simulated in a fleeing profile, is available in five realistic leopard frog colors.

Pop, Pop, pause... Boof !

Frog Walking in colour 503
LiveTarget Frog Walking

Weightlessly gliding across the surface, with anatomical accuracy and detailed colour, it will attract BIG fish. 

LiveTarget Mouse

The intricate life-like details make this rodent so realistic you’ll swear it is alive. The rat is back, the new LiveTarget Hollow Body Field Mouse.

Mullet Profiles
LiveTarget Mullet

Available in walking, twitch, wake and popper. Its the perfect mix of enticing action and incredible life-like detail.

Scaled Sardine Twitch
LiveTarget Scaled Sardine

Available as a twitchbait and wakebait, the Scaled Sardine's  3D life-like scale pattern is created by state-of-the-art precision tooling.

Lucky Craft Bevy Popper in impact yellow
Lucky Craft Bevy Popper

Generates the 'land on water' impact every time a strong action is applied to this 48mm lure.

Lucky Craft Clutch in 781
Lucky Craft Clutch

The floating 42mm Lucky Craft Clutch is available in a MR and DR rounded bib.

Lucky Craft G-Splash in ghost nishiki
Lucky Craft G-Splash

65mm and 80mm popper with a large cupped face. 80mm is fitted with Decoy Y-W77 trebles.

Gunfish in ghost sunfish
Lucky Craft Gunfish

Available in 75mm, 95mm and 115mm, this next generation slim bait walks wide and has a distinctive cup face for maximum spitting action. 115 available in AU series with Decoy W-77 trebles.

247 MS Black
Lucky Craft Kelly J Jr.

Fish can't resist this 60mm topwater lure with twin blades to create commotion and hold the lure in the zone.

Lucky Craft Keroll Bug
Lucky Craft Keroll Bug


45mm & 70mm topwater walker. The front cup creates a loud splashing sound to call in the fish.  

Keroll Jr in salmon egg (422)
Lucky Craft Keroll Jr

This 40mm topwater has an excellent profile for bream or bass surface fishing, with a small but sharp pop that attracts fish.

Lucky Craft NW Pencil
Lucky Craft NW Pencil

This 55mm topwater is one of Lucky Craft's most popular for bream, bass and whiting featuring a cylindrical body which thins towards the rear.