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Baitball Glass Minnow
LiveTarget Baitball Glass Minnow

The revolutionary Baitball series is available in a Glass Minnow as either a Popper (65mm, 75mm) or Jerkbait (110mm, 120mm).

Mullet Profiles
LiveTarget Mullet

Available in walking, twitch, wake and popper. Its the perfect mix of enticing action and incredible life-like detail.

Scaled Sardine Twitch
LiveTarget Scaled Sardine

Available as a twitchbait and wakebait, the Scaled Sardine's  3D life-like scale pattern is created by state-of-the-art precision tooling.

LiveTarget Smelt in colour 201
LiveTarget Smelt

This tool has it all....weight transfer system, rattle chamber, suspension capabilities, speed versatility, deep and shallow plus a smokin’ profile and anatomy.

Spanish Sardine 931
LiveTarget Spanish Sardine

Available in 105mm and 135mm, this fish catching machine features a tantalising wiggle and weight transfer system for long and accurate casts.

Rainbow Trout
LiveTarget Trout

These ultimate trout replicas are available in 50mm & 70mm. 

Bevy Minnow in Ghost Minnow
Lucky Craft Bevy Minnow

Available in 40mm and 45mm, this small minnow fishing lure ideal for targeting trout, bream and bass.

Lucky Craft Bevy Shad
Lucky Craft Bevy Shad

Available in 3 models and 3 sizes (50mm, 60mm, 75mm), it's designed to suspend perfectly with the nose down.

Lucky Craft Chinu Shad 55

Heavy, deep diving, small profile jerkbait 55mm 5.7g Slow Floating Dives to 3m

Flash Minnow 110SP AU BARRA
Lucky Craft FlashMinnow

Available in 110mm, 55mm, 65mm and 80mm it has an unparalleled casting distance plus an erratic action when jerked that is number one in the industry.

Lucky Craft Pointer 100XD
Lucky Craft Pointer

Available in shallow, deep and extra deep from 65mm to 100mm it's absolutely deadly with any type of stop-and-go retrieve.

Snacky in Green Perch
Lucky Craft Snacky

The 33mm Snacky has an irregular darting action, producing fine and wide wobbles, to simulate a fleeing baitfish.

Colour 01H

A very unique lure with a folding rear flap which closes on the cast and opens on the retrieve. Available in 85mm & 115mm

Squash colour 15H
Maria Squash

Maria Squash has a wide wobbling action with a steady retrieve and darts from side to side with a twitching retrieve. 125mm 20g Floating